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 Covert Operations, Shyama Golden

Charlotte Mei

Liza Rusalskaya

Allegory with Self-portrait and Profile Portrait of Ulrika Eleonora the Elder by Amalia von Königsmarck. Swedish, 1689. Oil on canvas, mounted on panel. Nationalmuseum, Sweden. 

Excerpt from an article on the Nationalmuseum website: 

In an allegorical self-portrait Amalia Königsmarck has portrayed herself holding a portrait of Queen Ulrika Eleonora the Elder. The artist emphasizes her role by holding a bunch of paintbrushes in her right hand at the same time that she indicates her social standing through her costume and jewelry. A female figure wearing a laurel wreath points to the royal portrait. The scene is surveyed by Fama, the goddess of rumor and reputation.

Self-portrait as Pictura by Amalia von Königsmarck

Swedish, 1687

oil on canvas

Nationalmuseum, in the Swedish National Portrait Gallery collection

Field of All Possibilities, 2016, Brenda Zappitell

Inma Lorente

Jenny Kroik