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Since it’s almost the holiday season I thought I would round up some artwork you can gift! These all come from society6 so make sure to check out different products you might want the art printed on. Make someone you care about happy with thoughtful gift and bonus you’ll make an artist happy this holiday season! The artist/product info is a hyperlink that will take you right to the society6 product! 

Carry-All Pouch Cold Spring by Gabriella Cetrulo 

Framed Mini Art Print: California Summer Bouquet – Oranges and Lily Blossoms in Blue and White Urn by Lara Lee Meintjes 

Wrapping Paper: OLIVE BLOOM by holli zollinger 

iPhone CaseBig Terrazzo by Anna Dorfman 

Serving Tray: Painted Color Block Squares in Peach by Becky Bailey 

Art Print: Tiger Dive by Megan Galante 

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will remember this art history game. It’s been months, but I have some time, and I’m procrastinating drawing in my sketchbook for the sketchbook project for the Brooklyn art library (it’s hyperlinked seriously check it out it is so cool) So send me an any emoji in my inbox and I’ll reply with a painting! 

I’m turning anon on for one hour, but then it’s going back off. 

Baltimore Museum Of Art Will Only Buy Works By Women Next Year:

This is so cool, I hope other institutions choose to do the same too! 

Illustration from The Lowest Room in ‘Poems by Christina Rossetti,’  1912, Florence Harrison 



Illustration for Resisters: 52 Young Women Making Herstory Right Now, Manjit Thapp

Woman In Black With Bag And Umbrella, Bertha Wegmann 

Melora Kuhn

XIX,  Henrietta Harris

Alexandra Dillon