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Such a cool look back on the decade. It’s so easy to get frustrated with all the bad that’s happening in the world sometimes it’s hard to see just how far we’ve come.

I think art in the 2010s very much was a collective personal experience. People flocked to galleries and museums to see and be a part of immersive pieces. While some artists makes unique spaces and objects perfect for Instagram, other artists embraced Craft, through textiles, clay, and woodworking. Through this they embraced the slowness of creating something physical in an increasingly fast paced world.

Also like the author says, during this decade I think previously marginalized voices in the art world were given a chance to be heard. With more galleries and museums than ever in history showing work by people of color and women. It’s incredible to think 10 or so years ago it would have been difficult for most to name 5 women artists or artists of color, and now I believe that most of us can easily do that. Looking at it that way, I think you can agree it’s been a pretty momentous decade.

Let me know if you can think of any other trends!

Natalia Vico

Suzanne Dias

Instagram: suzanne__dias

Ayumi Takahashi

Alexandra and Dagmar, Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann 

Agathe Singer

Portrait of Lyubov Brodskaya, Elena Andreevna Kiseleva

Self Portrait by Shyama Golden

Portrait of a woman holding a musical score, Rosalba Carriera

Portraits of Protesters: Greta Olson, Seren Morgan Jones