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#MostlyForHer paintings available. Original and the perfect inspiration for your walls. I will make them work for you. I can also create custom paintings with your preferred poem and color scheme. Also fun in sets. Message me.

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I started sharing the #MostlyForHer pieces for those struggling to find love or their place in this world, whether that be for a second, an hour, a day, or your entire life. The fact that the thing connecting me most to this world is my disassociation from it aptly alludes to the tragic comedy of life…a beautiful disaster spilled upon a raw canvas for all to view on exhibit and publicly judge as they see fit.

Michael Carini

And she never loses sight of where she’s going…not matter how comfortable she may be where she is.

And she may not have a lot, but at the same time she has everything.


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And her only want in life was the want of being wanted.

And her life was the trigger she pulled when she didn’t.

And your demons will do everything in their power to hold your potential hostage, Love. You must set her free.


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