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As the world threw stones at her, she collected them and built a massive wall to protect herself. Though the barrier succeeded in keeping the bad outside, it failed by never allowing the good beyond it.

Michael Carini | MOSTLY FOR HER

Medieval stonework featuring Saint Maurice at Dom zu Magdeburg St. Mauritius und Katharina from

“Saint Mauritius is the reason I wandered south and west into old Germany. Saint Mauritius, the black knight who appears consistently in mediæval and renaissance art (not as frequently as Balthazar does in Adoration of the Magi),
particularly in northern-central Europe and along the Hanseatic trade
routes (later in Flemish and Dutch art, and spreading across western
Europe and the Mediterranean), had his first known and extant
representation in a stone sculpture mid-late 13th century, probably
around 1250-70, which currently sits in the Hoher Chor in Magdeburger
Dom, opposite his companion Saint Katharina, sculpted by the same artist
at the same time.“

photographs by Frances D’Ath

Francis Harwood

Bust of a Man

England (1748)

Black stone (pietra di paragone) on a yellow Siena marble socle; 69.9 × 50.2 × 26.7 cm, 52.6173 kg

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

  • Anonymous Artist

  • Serpentine Bust of a Black Woman

    Italy (c. 16th century)

    Carved serpentine, 15.75 in.

    The Victoria and Albert Museum

    Two Icelandic submissions from MerrillKaplan on twitter:

    Baptismal font, Þingeyrakirkjan, Iceland. Donated 1697, Danish-made. Jesus baptizing a man with dark skin; Moses with horns.

    Altarpiece, Þingeyrakirkja, Iceland. 1400s, from Nottingham, England. Alabaster and wood.