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Clouds by Akseli Gallen-Kallela – 1883

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As The Son Touches The Moon

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“As The Son Touches The Moon” is one of my more playful and minimalistic pieces. Sometimes less is more and this has always been a piece I’ve enjoyed having around with its lighter and jovial undertones. Sometimes you have to take the impossible leap and go for everything you’ve ever dreamed possible…and impossible.

The Watering Place by Louis Buvelot – 1873

Afternoon Sky, Harney Desert by Childe Hassam – 1908

~ orange aesthetic or that one time I had a slight occupation change ~ 05.17

Michael Carini | Falling Towards The Sky | Acrylic on Canvas | 60 x 96

Michael Carini | As The Son Touches The Moon | Acrylic on Canvas 

Michael Carini | As The Son Touches The Moon

Young Herdsmen with Cows by Aelbert Cuyp, c.1655–60 (detail)