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In honor of Valentine’s Day week, I’m sharing some of my love themed paintings. This painting, which was featured in my recent blog post, is “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself).” The journey of self-love is the most difficult journey you will ever embark upon, but also the most necessary. Check out my new blog post at and sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates, shows, and specials. This original painting is available and looking for a home.

Michael Carini

An Everlasting Journey To Self-Love With Michael Carini:

Valentine’s Day around the corner or not, I feel this is an underrepresented topic of discussion so I figured I would open up in a new blog post for those that may struggle with this…or know someone that does that you are trying to better understand. Please feel free to share.

Detail Shot: “I Will Finally Let You Love Me (Because I Learned To Love Myself).” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 25in x 40in. Original and prints available.

This 2016 painting is the sequel to my painting “I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself)” from 2010. I would love to say it only took that 6 years to discover and build self-love but the truth is that it has been a lifetime of work and will likely be a perpetual work in progress until the end of my days. Some days I really feel it and some days I really don’t…but I’m still here fighting and working on it…and that’s my progress because God knows there have been many days I didn’t want to be. Self-love is hard but it will open your eyes and change your life. Hang in there and keep working on it. You are valuable. You are beautiful.

Message me for inquiries. Prints available from Carini Arts at + share your favorite posts with a tag for a chance to win free art. It’s that simple.

Michael Carini

“I Gave You Every Piece Of Me But You Could Never Love A Puzzle (95,126,814,720 Pieces Of An Alchemist).” Acrylic and Aerosol on Panel. 40in x 25in. Visit for canvas prints of this painting and many more.

This painting reflects upon battles with both self-love and the realization I often give the love I always wish I had. It’s often difficult for people to love a puzzle they can’t put together. The box can be intriguing, maybe they even open it, but so few are willing to take the time to see it through to the final piece. The number of puzzle pieces is also a direct reference to my mega creation Regenaissance. Perhaps the reason the puzzle is so difficult to complete is that so many pieces are missing because they were given away to people that mishandled them and never put them back in the box.
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“I Will Never Let You Love Me Because I Could Never Love Myself” detail image. Acrylic on panel. 72in x 24in. Canvas prints available at and original available upon request. Message me.

My brightest paintings are often my darkest. This one explores the critical importance of self-love. It’s difficult to have a successful relationship with anyone without it. Learning to love yourself may require day to day work, but it’s imperative for your acceptance of yourself and your happiness.

This painting was created around 2010 and did have a sequel around 6 years later titled “I Will Finally Let You Love Me Because I Learned To Love Myself.”

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer


Most want to vacation in her life, but she’s holding out for the one who will call her home.

And her only want in life was the want of being wanted.