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The suffocating feeling of quarantine. When you struggle with anxiety, that feeling of being trapped can make every breath feel like you’re gasping for air. Hopefully freedom returns to us all soon. Hang in there.

Flashback photo by Josue Castro

Some prefer the fresh and new. Others prefer the storied. 

New is nice, but I personally prefer the storied. I have more faith and trust in a little rust and a few scars…proof of surviving through the storms. Which do you prefer?

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Every dark cloud has a silver living…a glimmer of light piercing through the darkness. We all have a lot of difficult choices to make right now. Are you making the right ones? As difficult as these times may be, these struggles are also an opportunity. What is your opportunity? Are you seizing it?

If you aren’t seeing your opportunity through the dark clouds yet, look a little harder. We have nothing but time to reflect at the moment. Don’t take that for granted.

Flashback photo by Josue Castro

Michael Carini | Carini Arts

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Close up view of “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself)” behind the scenes. It’s difficult to convey the level of detail without seeing it in person, but this shot certainly helps. It’s often difficult to see the work we put in from the outside, but it’s still important to do that work for ourselves. Over time, that little bit of work each day really starts to add up. Life and self-love really are a marathon and not a sprint. Do the work and the rewards will follow. In fact, learn to see the work as the reward and you’ll learn to love it…and yourself in the process.

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Michael Carini

“Beneath The Wings Of Free Swan (Deanne’s Song)” is the last tribute painting I did for Deanne, finally acknowledging that she may, in all likelihood, not be coming back. It was so difficult to encapsulate all that Deanne was. That’s probably why I dedicated so many pieces to her. She also deserved more. She was a major influence on my work and the man I am today. I was trying to get a decent photo of this painting when I got caught up with the way the light was playfully illuminating it.

Painting Statement: This painting took me almost three years to get to because I didn’t want to address it or acknowledge it. This is the tribute painting for Deanne Hastings, my best friend and the woman I loved. Deanne disappeared near the border of Washington and Idaho at the end of 2015. She used to call me “Wings” and is the reason I have them tattooed on my back. She would always tell me stories about the archangel Michael and say I was her guardian angel, there for her through a number of trying predicaments and loving her unconditionally. This is the one time I was not able to be and I think about it every single day. Now I’m under her wings and this tribute is her swan song as she is finally freed of her cage and hopefully at peace. I love you Deanne.

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Flashback to 2012 photo shoot with the incredible Josue Castro.

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And she filled her scars with paint, proudly exhibiting them for all the world to see.