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Flashback to some of the work I did back around 2005 when I was focused on color studies and building solid fundamentals while a student at Loyola Marymount University. I have different voices and stories to tell and once upon a time I did something a bit different from what many know me for now. Be true to yourself and the work you want to create. I only have one large triptych left from this series measuring nearly 12’ overall. It reflects upon inner struggle and the battle between heaven and hell, though through the subject of the shepherd. 

This is part of a seven canvas polyptych. I’ve always loved the idea of standalone pieces that could also be part of something more…as life is a puzzle. 

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Small and affordable #MostlyForHer paintings available. They are original and great in sets. Payment plan options and I can also do custom commissions with your favorite poem and color scheme. Message me for inquiries. | Michael Carini

#MostlyForHer paintings available. They’re small, affordable, and easy to ship. I can also do custom commissions with your favorite poem and color scheme. Message me today to get yours. | Michael Carini

“The Mind I Lost (But Could Never Escape)”  | Michael Carini

Acrylic on panel. 60in x 30in. Visit for canvas prints of this painting, plus so much more.
Anyone can lose their mind…but nobody can escape it. This painting is one of several that was sacrificed and burned in an alchemical process of equivalent exchange. 

“The Up-Side of Down” series was inspired by a 2009 assault and battery that hospitalized me with multiple facial fractures, severe eye trauma, and a concussion. My signature icon, which I saw flashing in my head during the concussive state, is a key repeating element in this series that represents life growing from death and discovering the positives in negatives.

Cute little “Puzzled Hearts Minis.” Original, recycled, and affordable. DM me to get yours. BUY 2 GET 1 FREE + includes goody bag and free shipping with option for payment plan 😍

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We often struggle in life with stopping a behavior or pattern that inhibits us or moving forward and ending something we need to end to move on to something new because it is intimidating and we just don’t know what may happen. But…we just don’t know what may happen. Sometimes it is necessary to “Say Hello To Goodbye.”

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“Sacrifices And Second Chances (The Day Eye Made The Devil Blink)” depicts a phoenix with a crown of thorns rising up from the ashes as it circles the iris of the devil’s eye. It is about the painful sacrifices that have to be made for the battle that is growth.

This painting was utilized as a sacrifice of equivalent exchange in the alchemical process. It was cut up as pieces of it were worked into “Reconstruction Of The Chimera (Zachericle)” to give it new life and purpose. 

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Close up view of “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself)” behind the scenes. It’s difficult to convey the level of detail without seeing it in person, but this shot certainly helps. It’s often difficult to see the work we put in from the outside, but it’s still important to do that work for ourselves. Over time, that little bit of work each day really starts to add up. Life and self-love really are a marathon and not a sprint. Do the work and the rewards will follow. In fact, learn to see the work as the reward and you’ll learn to love it…and yourself in the process.

Kumadam – Güzel Günler, @gunnesirem, 2018

As every story has a past, present, and future, what may at first glimpse appear to be non-objective abstraction is in fact energetic imagery interacting and breathing through the boundlessness of space and time.

Featured: The Boy In The Box. 36in x 48in. This is the title painting of the series and the very first from 2011. It was a strong reaction and deviation from “The Up-Side of Down” in regards to the hard edges, geometric shapes, composition, colors, and general aesthetics. Being the very first, it was also one of the loosest and most exploratory pieces of the series. It’s a base of primary colors and it’s as though a curtain is being pulled back to unveil a new day. There is a transitional element of a cube with an angelic figure in it…because change rarely comes in a single day…does it? Change can be hard, even painful, but is often necessary for growth. This series was started to break out of my box, both literally and metaphorically. There have been various stages of success but we are always works in progress. I now cycle back and forth between bodies of work to evaluate that growth and attempt to fill in the gaps and cracks to become whole.

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