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I started sharing the #MostlyForHer pieces for those struggling to find love or their place in this world, whether that be for a second, an hour, a day, or your entire life. The fact that the thing connecting me most to this world is my disassociation from it aptly alludes to the tragic comedy of life…a beautiful disaster spilled upon a raw canvas for all to view on exhibit and publicly judge as they see fit.

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I still choke on my words thinking about losing so many years with your hands wrapped around my throat.

Message me to get your #MostlyForHer poem or have it added to a custom painting commission 😘

She is frequently the frontline warrior in the battles of those she loves, but far too often forgotten and left to die in her own.

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

And she is a wonderful actress…but it’s her own life in which she’s playing a role not meant for her.