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Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein

Your artist recommendation is Vasya Kolotusha

Barbara Hanrahan

Barbara Hanrahan

Your artist recommendation is Caledonia Curry aka Swoon

Keith Haring!

Keith Haring!

Your artist recommendation is Esther Stocker 

Art History Game

For those of you who are new to this blog, thank you for following! There are a bunch of features I have put together on my art blog you can find them all here under the Navigation tab on my page. Here I’ve tagged all the art by women artists and artists of color. I’ve also written some artist biographies, and art history lessons. My personal favorite the Lists page. Be sure to check them all out! 

So here is the game: 

In my inbox, send me the name of your favorite artist, and I will give you a contemporary artist recommendation!

I dig Berthe Morisot because her paintings mak…

I dig Berthe Morisot because her paintings make me feel like i can hear the voices of the subjects of the portraits

That’s a really interesting perspective on her work, Her subjects are rendered in a way that makes them seem like they have a story- they aren’t just objects in a painting.  Thanks for sharing! 

My fav artist is Barbara Kroll because I LOVE …

My fav artist is Barbara Kroll because I LOVE figure drawing and she has such a dark, gory perspective on rendering the human form. Her mark making is exciting and unpredictable and her color palette is unsettling and gives narrative to her drawings. Also this is a cool question, thanks for asking people & im a huge fan of this blog!!

Thanks so much for sharing! Oh wow her pieces are really haunting. 

Nabataeans women had power enough to be rulers…

Nabataeans women had power enough to be rulers, if this kind of historic issue is in your interest area, take a look about them. They were the builders of Raqmu -in the west, Petra-.

That’s really interesting, I’ll have to check that out! Thanks!

Hello! Fellow art historian here. I've be…

Hello! Fellow art historian here. I've been really into the work of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons here lately. She's Cuban born, afro Latina, and engages with her multiple identities. I'm moved by it. What women artists are moving you here lately?

Oh cool! Thanks for sharing, her work looks really compelling. So many actually. I’ve been drawn to illustrators lately, The compositions, the woman centric illustrations, and the vivid colors are really inspirational to me right now. I love Manjit Thapp, Anna Kövecses, Angela Mckay, Abbey Lossing, Daiana Ruiz, Kenesha Sneed- and so many more!  

I'm not sure if this fits what you'r…

I'm not sure if this fits what you're looking for about women in art history, but I have enjoyed learning about the political and social implications of women as patrons of artists and architects, especially in time periods and places in which women couldn't usually exercise power on their own behalf. For example, I was thinking about the Eumachia Building in the forum at Pompeii, which the wealthy priestess Eumachia had built on behalf of her son, perhaps to help his political career.

Oh wow that’s really interesting! I would love to learn more about that. Thanks for sharing!

so idk if the fact has to be about women but: …

so idk if the fact has to be about women but: Rembrandt’s The Night Watch was not actually painted to be at night. the level of dirt on the painting is why it looks so dark.

That’s interesting! I also know that a lot of people in the Night Watch that commissioned the portrait hated it- because it was candid, and didn’t clearly show everyones faces.