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When you buy artist direct from a starving artist, you put paint on the palette and food on the table. You make what I do possible and I simply couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for being a part of my journey! 

Braska also wanted me to remind you that when you write positive reviews on my website, Facebook, and Yelp, you really help us grow. Word of mouth and referrals are the primary method of growth as a small and independent business with limited resources. Every penny that comes in for us goes right back into the work (or to the kitty clowder) and affords us the opportunity to provide additional options to people that need a little assistance through easy payment plans, flexible pricing on select works, and monthly giveaways. Anytime you write a review for Carini Arts or share my work, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win free art. My work heavily focuses on struggle and triumph of the human spirit. I know that means those that connect with the creations may be struggling as well, and I want to offer you the hope and inspiration you need in the ways that I can…through my dreams. 

Some people don’t realize just how massive some of my creations are. If you’re looking for some BIG art (or smaller affordable prints), I’ve got you covered. Whether for the home or office, I’m fully licensed, insured, and can provide turnkey service not just locally, but worldwide. In many cases, art for offices can be written off as decorating expenses. If you’re in the market for art, I will work with your budget to bring your dream to fruition while providing you a fantastic investment opportunity. Original art, canvas prints, decor, wall murals, wallpaper, live painting for corporate & private events, and more available from Carini Arts.

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#MostlyForHer paintings available. They’re small and affordable…a great way to start or add to a collection. These are really fun in sets. Message me to get yours. | Michael Carini

About a dozen #MostlyForHer paintings available. They’re small, affordable, and ship easily. Custom commissions also available with your favorite poem and color scheme. Great in sets too. Message me to start or add to your collection.

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I have around a dozen of these #MostlyForHer paintings available. Message me to get yours. I will make it work for you. I can also do custom commissions with your desired poem and color scheme.

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#MostlyForHer paintings available and for less than you might think. Message me to get yours. I have about a dozen available with a variety of poems and color schemes. You can also request a commission with you favorite poem and colors. I’ll make them work for you. DM me today.

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SOLD…but I could do a custom commission for you just like it or with a different #MostlyForHer poem and your favorite color scheme. Message me.

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#MostlyForHer paintings are very available and great in sets. I can also customize them with your favorite poem in your favorite color scheme and I will make it work for you. Message me to request yours.

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Just finished this 3 piece commission. These pieces are so much fun in sets because you can rearrange them and change them out. Message me to discuss your custom commission. You can add your favorite #MostlyForHer poems to your favorite color schemes…or you can leave them just like this.

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

Amazing specials all weekend on all #MostlyForHer paintings. Which is your favorite? Message me to claim yours or request your commission today. I’m also offering amazing specials through Monday on canvas prints, custom blankets, and much more at 😘