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Is it really a brand if it’s not branded? I’m not talking about branded on the flesh. I’m talking about branded on the soul. Acrylic Alchemy isn’t a marketing ploy. It’s a way of life. It’s about life growing from death. It’s about using your greatest struggles as a source of fuel to create something positive and beautiful for the world. Now more than ever, it’s important to believe in something…to stand for something. That something should start with the person in the mirror.

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“Fractured Realities And Dreams Brought To Light.” Acrylic on canvas. Prints available.

This painting tells the story of a female phoenix rising from the ashes. This painting is dedicated to Deanne Hastings. She was my best friend, muse, and the woman I loved. I remember creating this one after she broke her clavicle on one of her wild adventures. Tragically, Deanne disappeared in 2015 and has yet to be found. It is suspected that she was murdered but there has been no closure.

Deanne always called me her “Wings” and is the reason I have them tattooed on my back. I just wish I could have there for her this last time when she really needed me most. I could sense the call was going to come, but it never did, and part of me knew why. I’ve always felt that I failed her by not being there that last time, though I wanted to be and would have been. I think one of the reasons I work so hard is because of Deanne. I always tried so hard to impress her and make her proud. The last time I saw her, she told me she was. I will forever do whatever I can to keep her spirit alive through my creations. She is now my “Wings” and my angel. I love you Deanne.

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About a dozen #MostlyForHer paintings available. They’re small, affordable, and ship easily. Custom commissions also available with your favorite poem and color scheme. Great in sets too. Message me to start or add to your collection.

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Small and easy to ship #MostlyForHer paintings are a great way to start or add to your collection and they make a wonderful gift idea. Custom commissions are available and I will work with you to make it work for you. Message me today for your very personal and personalized piece of a puzzled heart.

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And though she has a dozen triggers, she took her finger off her own and placed it over the gaping hole in her heart.

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I’m currently writing a blog story on my best friend and muse, Deanne Hastings, who disappeared in 2015. I’m collecting content and came across this photo of a framed postcard for a tribute show I did for her in 2010.

“This exhibition is dedicated in its entirety to you, Deanne, my dear friend and muse. Each painting tells a story placing your soul center stage as we stare into the hazy eyes of love, loss, addiction, recovery, and the eternal struggle with personal demons. Sometimes we have to crawl through hell to discover the pathway to heaven. May I always serve as your faithful wings in times of distress  and your light amidst the darkness.”

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It’s so easy to not become everything you are capable of being…But when have you ever taken the easy road?

And if this life has taught her anything, it’s that if she wants to be saved, she’s going to have to become her own hero.