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When you struggle to see the light, be the light-

Police patrol the Austerlitz train station in Paris,

‘Speeches get glitches’, Simon Wilches Castro in ‎Glitch
Artists Collective, 2019


The Winning Sand Sculpture of the 2019 Texas Sand Sculpture Festival: undefined

Michael Carini | Art Journal

I try to stay out of politics on this blog but fuck it. 

It’s 04:30 am where I am and I can’t sleep thinking about all those poor children taken away from their parents by the U.S government. It’s an absolute disgrace and a regimental practice which needs to stop now. Families NEED to be together. I cannot imagine the trauma that these parents and children are subjected to, first running away from danger only to be treated this way by what is supposed to be the greatest advocate for human rights, the U.S.A. 

If you are an American citizen, please reach out to your senators and government and do something about it. THIS HAS TO END. 

Our next issue in a couple of weeks is looking at the Peasant Revolt. Have an idea for an article or research you’d like to share? We have just a few slots left for new content. WRITE FOR US!


Topics being covered:

  • The Peasants Revolt 1381
  • Events leading up to the revolt
  • Peasant’s lives in the 14th century
  • Economic conditions in the 14th century
  • Other Peasant revolts (Stellinga Uprising 841, German Peasant’s Revolt 1524, Jack Cade 1450, Carinthian Peasant Revolt 1478 etc…not limited to this list, as there are so many)

Q & A Topic: Controversial and political art. Can’t wait to see all the comments on this one.