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Acrylic Alchemist Artist – Michael Carini — Dusty Dawn Arts:

This is the most in depth podcast I have done as a guest and we talk about a lot of interesting things…some of which I have never addressed before. Please check it out, give it a listen, and share.

If you ever wanted to share one of my stories…this would be the one. Please check out the full blog post HERE and please help bring closure to her story for her friends and family. This is the first time I have ever shared a lot of these stories and who Deanne was to me. The story is 10 years and the making and 4 years later than it should be. I’ve never had difficulty sharing my own stories, but I struggled tremendously to share hers for so many reasons…including having to accept that she’s gone.

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Work in progress here. This week we talk about relationships from a male perspective on my podcast with my buddy Vicente Enriquez. Visit to give it a listen or check out “Sunny Side Of San Diego” on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. You can also check out my blog where I most recently discuss using your pain as a source of healing and growth.

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Work in progress…we all should be 🥰

Please check out the “Sunny Side Of San Diego” podcast at to listen to real and raw content. We released a new episode yesterday discussing being liked vs. being someone worth liking. You can also read my latest blog post, which discusses using your struggle as a source of strength and healing.

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Work In Progress: Just A Little Piece Of Herstory

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Visit to check out my painting class schedule and my weekly podcast. On the latest episode of “Sunny Side Of San Diego” we discussed who you are vs. who you portray yourself to be.

This week we discuss relationships on my podcast. Check it out at

The new regular podcast is officially released and will be available each week. “Sunny Side Of San Diego” is now available on Google Play, iTunes, or you can just go to to check it out. Topics including chasing your dreams, pushing through struggle, and finding a reason to get up each day. Let us know what you think and what topics you want us to discuss on a future episode.

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I am always a work in progress and so is this first painting from my “Puzzled Hearts” collection which will soon debut. I view each painting as  a poetic journal entry and they will be a hybrid of previous bodies of work with a bit more chaos and release. That is where my life currently is and that is the story I have to tell. They will be a mixture of techniques and may also have poems embedded in them. 

If you’ve missed it, I now have a weekly podcast with Vicente Enriquez that you can check out on Google Play, Apple Music, or just go to + please grab some art while you’re there 


The new podcast has finally arrived! Check it out HERE

The days you don’t feel like getting up and hustling are often the days it’s most important. Let’s rebuild together. Yes, the podcast is coming soon!