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#MostlyForHer phoenix rising fire painting. Take a closer look. It’s looking for a home. Message me.

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#MostlyForHer phoenix rising fire painting is available and could be yours. Message me.

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Rising from the ashes will require sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice who you were, who you are, for who you will become?

I’m really enjoying the #MostlyForHer paintings. DM me to request your commission. I will find a way to make it work for you.Full shop, blog, and podcast at

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“Reflection, Rebuilding, Redemption, And Rebirth Of The Repentant” reflects upon and highlights the only person boxing you in and holding you down in life. It’s you. You are the only person that can change your life and it’s not always a one time thing. Sometimes you have to pick yourself up again, and again, and again. 

It all begins with a conversation with yourself. You have to be honest with who you really are, where you really are, and why you’re really there. It’s nobody else’s fault. This is on you. You must then forgive everyone that has ever hurt you, including yourself. From there, you need to tear yourself down back to the core and rebuild. You have to fill all of the cracks in the foundation that you tried to avoid and cover your entire life. Only then can you truly free yourself and be reborn to rise like a phoenix. 

There are going to be a lot of dark nights in this life. Ignite your own flame and become your own light. Use that light to guide yourself and to share with those still trapped in their own darkness. 

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Rising phoenix necklace for the phoenix rising in you

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Phoenix rising necklace available! I’ve also got more accessories, apparel, and (of course) art!

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Commencing upon the precipice of homelessness, “The Boy In The Box” follows the rigid geometric structuring of the “The Up-Side Of Down” and represents the perpetual quest for personal freedom and breaking outside of the box.

“Reconstruction of the Chimera (Zachericle)” tells the story of the mythological phoenix while also incorporating personal narrative elements and concepts of the ouroboros & chimera. Created during my 2012 artist residency, it was inspired by a young man named Zach. Zach would stop by on a daily basis to grab a piece of candy from the bucket I left by the door for those passing by. One day, Zach decided to step in a little further than usual which led to a deeper conversation. I handed Zach a print of my work for stopping by, at which point tears welled up in his eyes. It was at that time that Zach told me he had been living on the street and was just accepted into a program where he would have a bed to sleep for the first time in a long time. My print, he said, was one of the only things in his possession that he could call his own, and the first thing for him to hang above his bed. By the time I finished this painting, Zach had stopped coming by. I don’t believe he ever saw it and hopefully that’s because he’s doing well. Sometimes we just need a chance to start over.

The ashes in this piece are from a painting I burned titled “The Transmutation of Miss-Tere” and the cut fragments are from a piece titled “Sacrifices and Second Chances (The Day Eye Made The Devil Blink).”

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Behind The Paint-As Open Wounds Open Wings. Sometimes it is only through our wounds that we can heal and grow our wings so we may fly. I often feel like I had to be cut open before my beauty and light could truly emerge. 

I pulled this piece off the racks to prepare it for an exhibition with the Expressive Arts Institute at Arts District Liberty Station. “Recovering The Artist 2019:  A Show About Hope” will open April 5 at the Martha Pace Swift Gallery.

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