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“Journey Of The Rebel, The Outcast, And The Ubermensch.” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 40in x 25in. Original and prints available.

This paintings plays the golden ratio as it philosophically reflects upon Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterwork,  "Thus Spoke Zarathustra.“ This was one of the first paintings I did when I returned to "The Up-Side Of Down” around 2016, and it also has a sibling painting that it pairs with. Can you find it in my collection?

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Is it really a brand if it’s not branded? I’m not talking about branded on the flesh. I’m talking about branded on the soul. Acrylic Alchemy isn’t a marketing ploy. It’s a way of life. It’s about life growing from death. It’s about using your greatest struggles as a source of fuel to create something positive and beautiful for the world. Now more than ever, it’s important to believe in something…to stand for something. That something should start with the person in the mirror.

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Democritus and Heraclitus by Luca Giordano (called Fa Presto) and Giuseppe Recco. Italian, after 1666. Oil on canvas. Via Sotheby’s

Socrates by Luca Giordano (called Fa Presto)

Italian, possibly 1650s

oil on canvas

private collection

#MostlyForHer poems available upon request. Message me for inquiries and custom painting commissions. Share your favorite posts from Carini Arts for a chance to win free art in giveaways.



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I started sharing the #MostlyForHer pieces for those struggling to find love or their place in this world, whether that be for a second, an hour, a day, or your entire life. The fact that the thing connecting me most to this world is my disassociation from it aptly alludes to the tragic comedy of life…a beautiful disaster spilled upon a raw canvas for all to view on exhibit and publicly judge as they see fit.