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Recently spent a long weekend in New York and finally visited the Morgan Library where I fawned over a Gutenberg bible, the Lindau Gospels, and a 15th century map. The collection is just as incredible as the space that houses it!

I hope you are all enjoying my holiday gift guides! I’ve had a lot of fun making them. I will probably do one more gift guide. If you didn’t see there is a big sale today on Society6 so today’s the day to get something if you’ve been waiting.

I’ll get back to the regular art posts soon, I’ve found a lot of cool new pieces to share. I also have some of your emoji game messages to share as well! 


Also I’m adding a new feature to this blog, Interviews with women who work in the art history field. 

If you work in the art history field please message me! I’d love to ask you some questions and write up a feature. Hopefully it will provide a realistic look into the field and inspire those starting out who may feel a bit lost. 


Slowly moving into my new apartment. Once I’ve finished and have everything decorated I’ll show you all the art pieces my wife and I have collected!

In another more serious note, it’s hard to think about art with learning about everything that’s been going on. I’m horrified and disgusted and heartbroken for the families broken up by the ICE raids. The mass shootings happening all over, the concentration camps, this is literally domestic terrorism. I certantly don’t want to go to any public functions- it’s scary.

All with the very looming threat of rapid climate change caused by the wild fires and peat fires in the Arctic Circle, which if you’ve read about are pretty terrifying. The fires started in June and in that one month they produced more carbon emissions than the whole country of Sweden produces in a year. Also, Greenland’s largest glacier lost 11 billion tons of ice in one day.

It’s really bad out there. It actually makes me want to learn some survival skills, because I have none. All on top of the personal stresses of moving to a new city. So art has been far from my mind lately. But I will definitely be back once things settle down for me, definitely with more political art and environmental art.

I hope you all stay safe.

I have some new designs up on my society6 shop! And it looks like there is currently a sale on just about everything if you’re interested in a new phone case, carry all pouch, mini framed print or more.

Here is the link:

I have some new designs up in my shop from my 100 day challenge. I have a few abstract paintings, some geometric doodles, and some floral/fruit patterns. So if you need a new phone case, wall art, housewares, or a super cool backpack check out my shop: Lane and Lucia

I have a new design up in my Society6 shop! I love this print it was so fun to make, check it out in the link below!

I’ve haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been working on my own art. These are up in my society6 shop right now. I really like how they turned out, and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with brushes and new color palettes. 

Check out my shop, If you’re interested in buying something just know you’ll make this artist very happy.

I added a couple spring prints to my Society6! I’m really excited about the terrazzo pattern, and all the new items like fanny packs, and wrapping paper. It’s seriously cool. 

Here is the link, check it out and buy some of my art! (if you want)

I went Venice last week and was in art heaven. Tintoretto and Veronese and Bellini oh my! Photo taken on the bridge outside Galleria Dell’Accademia.

Great news everyone! I’m not sure if it was attention from my most recent post but I finally got back an email from tumblr staff. I sent one about two weeks ago when I was notified that my blog would no longer be visible because it was classified as adult content. The email said my blog had been under review and is now officially unflagged as adult content.

That was a big stress weighing on me considering how many years I’ve devoted to this blog.