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Drawing of boy with wings and cornucopia by Elihu Vedder

American, late 19th century

black and white chalk with colored pastel on grey paper

Yale University Art Gallery

The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, attributed to the circle of Rosalba Carriera

Italian, 18th century


private collection x

Allegory of Painting, attributed to a sister of Rosalba Carriera

Italian, 18th century

pastel on paper mounted on canvas

private collection x

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“Chasing The Gate (Searching For Deanne)” reflects upon feelings of anxiety, depression, and glimmers of hope as it highlights the disappearance of my best friend and muse, Deanne Hastings, in 2015. Deanne always called me her “Wings” and is the reason I have them tattooed on my back. Now she is my “Wings”…my guardian angel. This painting depicts a long and arduous quest to find Deanne and meeting her again one day at the gateway of heaven.

“The Gate Of Alchemy” or “The Gate Of Truth” is a metaphysical and metaphorical structure and the central point of transmutation in Acrylic Alchemy. I created Acrylic Alchemy based on the principal that if I utilize my pain and struggle to create something positive and beautiful, if I learn to love it, it can no longer hurt me. Learn to master your pain. Don’t let it consume you. Embrace the suffering and use your pain for the greater good. There are a lot of people out there that need their “Wings.”

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Michael Carini | Chasing The Gate (Searching For Deanne)



She’s angel without wings, full of love

La Toilette (Woman Combing Her Hair), 1885, by Edgar Degas (1834-1917)