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“I Am Who Am (I)”

Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 40in x 25in. Original and canvas prints available. Message me for inquiries.

Identity is such a key component and I’m often evaluating and reevaluating who it is that I’ve been, who it is that I am, and who it is that I am becoming. I think it’s important to question that and question it often. Are you truly being and becoming your best self?

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#MostlyForHer poems available upon request. Also available as custom painting commissions. Message me for inquiries.

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Pause your mind and allow your soul to roam free.

This was a really fun commission and I did a custom Carini Arts blanket to go with it. Message me to discuss your custom commission.

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“As Open Wounds Open Wings.” Acrylic on canvas. 48in x 36in. Original and canvas prints available in a variety of sizes.

As every story has a past, present, and future, what may at first glimpse appear to be non-objective abstraction is in fact segmentations of energetic imagery interacting and breathing through the boundlessness of space and time. This painting depicts wings sprouting from the wounds of an angel. Sometimes it is only through our wounds that we are able to open ourselves up to healing so we may fly.

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Exhibition flashback. I’ve always known how to put on a show when the resources and opportunities present themselves. Going into this new year and new decade, I want to thank every single person that has made what I do possible by supporting my dream and what I love.

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She gave everything she had to give and then she gave everything that was left.

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow And The Gateway Of Rapture.” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 48in x 30in. Visit for canvas prints of this painting available in a variety of sizes.

This painting represents the “Gate of Truth” or heaven. It also alludes to the fact that yesterday’s tomorrow is here in today, and today is what you make it. Make today your heaven.

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