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Weapon Of Choice


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Every palette is a different breath for a different story. This is from “Light of the Shadow Caster” which is available at 😘


I often contemplate if “destiny” is just what we are willing to accept. Visit to get your poem or message me.

Why do you do what you do?

“As The Caged Bird Sings” has long been one of my most recognized and popular creations. It is also one of my personal favorite because of who it represents to me. I think we can all relate to feeling caged at times, yet still trying to muster up the strength to find our voices and sing. This one is dedicated to you, Deanne.

Here is a rare photo of this creation when it was still a work in progress. The original and custom reproductions are available at and it can be created as a custom blanket as well. Message me for inquiries.

Her dreams showed her the possibilities but her nightmares gave her the drive to get there.

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

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Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

And if experience has taught her anything, it’s that the only path out of darkness that will keep her out is the one straight through the heart.