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I’m excited to have “As Open Wounds Open Wings” and “.38 With A .38 (The Speed Of Eternal Stillness)” on exhibit at Arts District Liberty Station with the Expressive Arts Institute in the Martha Pace Swift Gallery until June 15th. The Show is called “Recovering The Artist: A Show About Hope” and it’s the perfect place for me to debut these creations.

I love this photo I captured last night through the bars at the opening. Looking down at my work from a higher point of view, I was reminded that we create our own prisons and sometimes all we need is an alternative perspective. It is up to us to move, change, and grow to remove those bars. Otherwise, it will appear as if we are trapped when we are really just uncomfortable and require a shift in our lives. It’s better to be momentarily uncomfortable and working towards growth than to be eternally uncomfortable and simply accept where we are at any given moment when/where we feel imprisoned or beaten down by life. Remove your bars and set yourself free!

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Portrait of a Poet by Jacopo Palma il Vecchio

Italian, c. 1516

oil on canvas transferred from wood

National Gallery, London

New “Beautiful Accidents” available. These small works are richly textured and imbued with history. They are also a great way to start or add to your collection. Message me to get yours today.

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You pick your colors, I create custom Carini Arts earrings so you can not only wear the art, you can be the art. Currently taking orders. I have some pairs already ready to ship out, or I can make something new just for you. Check them out at and message me for inquiries.

#MostlyForHer paintings available. Need a little love and inspiration to get you through quarantine? I’ve got you covered and I will work with you to make it work for you. Message me for inquiries.

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George Matt Bowles‎ in Glitch Artists Collective, 2020

Labyrinth Of The Butterfly Canvas:

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“Labyrinth Of The Butterfly." 

One of my most intense and intricate paintings to date, this piece started out white and red. Somewhere along the journey, I lost my way a bit and was tangled up in the labyrinth. When I emerged, this was the result. This is one of the creations I am most proud of over the years for everything that went into it.

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“Foreverandever.” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 96in. Original and prints available in a variety of sizes.

People make a lot of promises about “forever” but that “forever” doesn’t often seem to last very long. When I say “forever”, I want it to mean “Foreverandever.” This painting depicts a scenic gardenesque fantasyland filled with floral delights, plenty of safe places to rest head, and the warm light of the setting sun peering in from above to touch your shoulder and let you know everything is going to be alright. This is the world of your dreams and everything you deserve… “Foreverandever.”

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