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Up close and personal. I’ve enjoyed sharing more of the process and behind the scenes aspects of my creative process so people can see that there is much more than meets they eye.

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Michael Carini | Photo By Christa Maier

Custom commission? Pick your color scheme and your #MostlyForHerpoem. I have a full set of these currently looking for a home. Claim yours before it’s gone!

Getting messy again in the studio today. Check it out at and message me to start…or continue adding to your art collection.

And when life turned her blue, she brushed herself against the raw canvas and painted the most beautiful indanthrone night with the stain of her melancholy.

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Work In Progress: Just A Little Piece Of Herstory

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Visit to check out my painting class schedule and my weekly podcast. On the latest episode of “Sunny Side Of San Diego” we discussed who you are vs. who you portray yourself to be.

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Put in work on your dreams when nobody is watching-

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Work in progress for my new “Puzzled Hearts” collection

Some people show you a highlight or a brushstroke, but she painted you the entire masterpiece, flaws and all.

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We often struggle in life with stopping a behavior or pattern that inhibits us or moving forward and ending something we need to end to move on to something new because it is intimidating and we just don’t know what may happen. But…we just don’t know what may happen. Sometimes it is necessary to “Say Hello To Goodbye.”

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