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Footage of the ‘Degenerate Art Exhibition,’ in Munich 1937

This footage shows the 1937 Munich exhibition, which was created solely to publicly shame any art that had fallen under the “degenerate art” category.

When Adolf Hitler came into power he launched an essentially immediate assault on Modernist art. During this exhibition, the artworks were accompanied by Nazi slogans ridiculing them. One of the most famous quotes included Hitler’s description of Modernist works as “filth for filth’s sake.” Artists that were a threat were exiled, forbidden from creating work, or sent to camps; left to die.

Hannah Höch, Da Dandy, 1919.  

Charles Sheeler, Rolling Power, 1939.

Arnold Böcklin,

The Plague, 1898.

Umberto Boccioni,

The Street Enters the House, 1911.

John French Sloan, The City from Greenwich Village, 1922.

Max Ernst, Approaching Puberty (or, The Pleiades), 1921.

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Bathing of a Red Horse, 1912.

Diego Rivera, Frozen Assets, 1931-2.

James Ferrier Pryde, The Red Bed, 1916.