Category: Modern Art


Stanley william hayter, The shirt of nessus, 1942-1944

Charles Demuth (American, 1883-1935), Houses, 1918. Watercolor and graphite on paper.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, 1864-1901), Chanteur Américain (American Singer), 1893. Lithograph.

Egon Schiele (Austrian, 1890-1918), Seated Woman, Back View,1917. Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German, 1880-1938), Cyclamen,1918–19. Oil on canvas.

Winslow Homer (American, 1836-1910), Searchlight on Harbor Entrance, Santiago de Cuba,1901. Oil on canvas.

Egon Schiele (Austrian, 1890-1918), Two Women Embracing, 1913. 
Gouache, watercolor, and graphite on paper.

Vurstli by Vilmos Aba-Novák – 1930

Paul Cadmus (American, 1904-1994), Jerry, 1931. Oil on canvas.

George Bellows (American, 1882-1925), The Bridge, Blackwell’s Island, 1909. Oil on canvas.