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Diana and Her Nymphs in a Wooded Landscape (with detail of Diana) by Frans Francken II and Alexander Keirincx

Flemish, 17th century

oil on panel

private collection

Pyramus and Thisbe in a Wooded Landscape, attributed to Frans Francken I

Flemish, 16th or 17th century

oil on panel

private collection

Dans le Jardin du Monde, Eric Roux-Fontaine, 1966 

Still from a video by Dawnia Carney

“Searching for hoMe.” Acrylic on canvas. 48in x 30in. Canvas prints available in a variety of sizes.

We are all searching for home. We are all searching for ourselves. When we find ourselves, we will find home. I’ve spent the majority of my life “Searching for hoMe” and I still am. I don’t think that I’ve had many periods in my life where I felt safety and comfort for an extended period of time. It has always been a fight. Most of what I’ve known has been a struggle to survive and most of it has been completely alone. I don’t regret that because it has made me strong. It has made me the man I am today. Perhaps one day though, I can find that place to call home and someone to share it with. I will not stop “Searching for hoMe” because the search for home within yourself is the most important journey you will ever embark upon. Safe travels and godspeed. 

Canvas prints available at

“On The Broken Road Between Reality And Truth.” Acrylic, letter, earring, and cloth on panel. Prints available.

I created “On The Broken Road Between Reality And Truth” when I discovered that my beloved muse, Deanne Hastings, had been found after being declared a missing person for several days during her trip home back around 2010. This painting contains pieces of a letter I wrote her (reflecting upon my thoughts and what I wanted to say to her at that time) as well as her earrings and some cloth she had left me the last time I had seen her. We all lose our way at one point or another. Keep your eyes open for the spark that will illuminate your path On The Broken Road Between Reality And Truth-

Tragically, Deanne went missing again in 2015 and has yet to be found. It is suspected that she was murdered but there has been no closure to date. Last week would have been her 40th Birthday. Please check out my updated blog post on Deanne at + you can also order prints of this painting.

Landscape with Cottages, 1911, Jessica Dismorr 

Purple Marram Grass, 2017, Isca Greenfield-Sanders

“As The Son Touches The Moon.” Acrylic on canvas. 24in x 24in. Prints available at in a variety of sizes. Message me for the original, which is still available.

“As The Son Touches The Moon” is one of my more playful and minimalistic pieces. Sometimes less is more and this has always been a piece I’ve enjoyed having around with its lighter and jovial undertones. Sometimes you have to take the impossible leap and go for everything you’ve ever dreamed possible…and impossible.

Rendezvous near the Syncline, Neil Krug, 2019