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Michael Carini | Mostly For Her

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Michael Carini | Mostly For Her 

Michael Carini | #MostlyForHer

The pieces you are looking for…you already have them within yourself.

One day we are all going to die. Don’t give up this life prematurely by living one not meant for you.

And sometimes you just need to feel like one person can see you when you can no longer see yourself.

Who she was and who she is are not as important as who she will become.

Michael Carini | MOSTLY FOR HER

Michael Carini | MOSTLY FOR HER

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I Am Who Am (I)

Identity is such a key component and I’m often evaluating and reevaluating who it is that I’ve been, who it is that I am, and who it is that I am becoming. I think it’s important to question that and question it often. Are you truly being and becoming your best self?

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And her game was “Hide and Seek.” She excelled at hiding from herself and seeking all of the things not meant for her, rather than herself.