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I have art for every space available. If you’re looking for art, support a real starving artist. Every piece of art you add puts paint on my palette and food on my table. Little Braska gets her cut too of course.

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“Labyrinth Of The Butterfly” detail shot. What do you see in the details?
One of my most intense and intricate paintings to date, this painting started out white and red. Somewhere along the journey I lost my way a bit and was tangled up in the labyrinth. When I emerged, this was the result.

Affordable canvas prints of this painting HERE. Free shipping and payment plans available.

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Have you ever felt like you’re a little bit “extra” or maybe more than others? It could be anything, positive or negative. Maybe you’re more of a giver. Maybe you always work a little bit harder. Maybe you just always seem to have more thrown at you. Maybe you feel like you’re always more on the edge or stand out because you’re more noticeably different than those that surround you. I just want to tell you…It’s okay to be “More Than Most." 

You can check out canvas prints of this painting HERE and please also take a look at my blog and podcast for real & raw content that matters.

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Featured: Falling Towards The Sky

I’ll be hanging this large painting in ArcLight Cinemas at Westfield UTC next week with some other large works. Please stop by ArcLight Cinemas (La Jolla) and take a look.

I’m having an end of Summer special and making deals on selected works to create space for new creations. If there is a painting you are interested in, please message me. I’m also currently taking commissions that fit your budget.

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Flashback to artwork on display at ALEXANDER SALAZAR FINE ART. The original on the far right is still available and the two pieces on the left are available as canvas reproductions. If you’re looking for artwork for your home or office, please contact me. I’m currently accepting commissions and can ship worldwide.

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“Regenaissance (Polyversikube)” is a nine canvas polyptych conceptually inspired by the principle elements of fractals, the Golden Ratio, and a Rubik’s Cube. The name “Regenaissance” is an abstract composite derived from the words Renaissance (meaning “rebirth”) and Genesis (meaning “the beginning”). Presented in a 3 x 3 structural format, each of the nine components can be moved, rotated, and rearranged so that any side of any element can connect to any side of any of the other eight pieces. The result of the calculated configurations is a broad and almost limitless spectrum of orientations and variations with which to play; 95,126,814,720 to be exact.

Check out canvas options for this piece plus my blog and podcast HERE. Buy art and feed a starving artist.

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Around 2016 I did a small collection of minimalistic flower pieces that were a deviation from “The Boy In The Box” series. I still have one small original (24" x 24") and a variety of canvas prints available. Check them out HERE


Pandora’s Hearth (Right)

As Angel Tears Quell Conflagrations (Left)

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I love these little “Puzzled Hearts Minis” and “Beautiful Accidents.” They’re original, affordable, and come with a goody bag including a poem. DM to get yours. Free shipping and payment plans available. They’re also recycled and environmentally friendly. Great in sets too!

These specific pieces are from my paintings “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself)” and “Chasing The Gate (Searching For Deanne).” Get your piece today.

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“The Illumination Of Elusive Illusion.” Often in life, the illusions in our lives elude us until we shine a light on them to illumination them. What illusions in your life need to be brought to light?

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