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Michael Carini

Free your mind. Here are a few of my most compelling paintings reflecting on issues of self-care and mental health. Both originals are available and prints are available at + animated versions of the paintings that will blow your mind. 

Left: As Open Wounds Open Wings

Right: .38 With A .38 (The Speed Of Eternal Stillness)

Michael Carini | MOSTLY FOR HER

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A lot of my work and content explores themes of rebirth and rising from the ashes. Rising from the ashes isn’t a one time thing. It’s not one and done. We often need to build ourselves up to tear ourselves down and then do it again…and again…and again. It’s a cyclical process of conditioning and rebuilding that is necessary for growth. Each time the goal is to rise and fly higher and higher, but it’s imperative to know when it’s time ignite the flames so we may rise again… dusty, dirty, and covered in ashes from the burning embers đŸ”„

These shots are from a shoot with Christa Maier where we sacrificed one of my most valuable paintings called “Because Nothing Never Was (Suicide Note).” I don’t sacrifice my art because of lack of value. I sacrifice my art specifically because of value. In order to obtain, a sacrifice must be made. This is the law of equivalent exchange and it is a key component of Acrylic Alchemy. Difficult sacrifices must be made in the name of growth and this was mine. Sometimes pieces of us must by laid to rest so that others may rise 🩅 This shoot required me to cover myself in ash (from the sacrificially burned painting) and gold paint (which you can see on my hand) and lay naked in the burning embers. It was one of the most powerful shoots I’ve ever done and also included a beautiful video and even a blooper real because you just can’t take life too seriously or it will consume you. You all have what it takes to rise and start anew. Are you willing to make the sacrifice đŸŒč

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Man Has Art-Induced Heart Attack Looking at a Botticelli:

I can definitely relate. 

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Michael Carini | Behind The Paint 

First Glimpse At The Sacrifice-Because Nothing Never Was (Suicide Note) Michael Carini | Photo by Balm In Gilead and Christa Maier 

Michael Carini | Beneath The Paint 

Collaboration with Balm In Gilead and Christa Maier 

Michael Carini | Behind The Paint 

Collaboration with Balm In Gilead and Christa Maier