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Labyrinth Of The Butterfly Canvas:

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“Labyrinth Of The Butterfly." 

One of my most intense and intricate paintings to date, this piece started out white and red. Somewhere along the journey, I lost my way a bit and was tangled up in the labyrinth. When I emerged, this was the result. This is one of the creations I am most proud of over the years for everything that went into it.

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Michael Carini | Carini Arts

“Foreverandever.” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 96in. Original and prints available in a variety of sizes.

People make a lot of promises about “forever” but that “forever” doesn’t often seem to last very long. When I say “forever”, I want it to mean “Foreverandever.” This painting depicts a scenic gardenesque fantasyland filled with floral delights, plenty of safe places to rest head, and the warm light of the setting sun peering in from above to touch your shoulder and let you know everything is going to be alright. This is the world of your dreams and everything you deserve… “Foreverandever.”

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For years I would finish my paintings and then look over at my palettes only to discover a deeper appreciation for the simple beauties of life. “Beautiful Accidents” now available. Message me to get yours and also check out my new custom Carini “Beautiful Accidents” earrings.

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Featured: “As Open Wounds Open Wings” and “.38 With A .38 (The Speed Of Eternal Stillness).” Both originals available and reproduction options available in a variety of sizes.

This photo felt very appropriate right now…two of my most powerful paintings acknowledging the darkness (but still a glimmer of hope) in an empty, desolate space. It’s difficult not to feel that darkness and isolation with our freedoms continuously being constricted tighter and tighter as the cage gets smaller. All the while, there is no clear end in sight and we are left without vital answers from the people mandating these orders. It’s a battle for even the best of us. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I am definitely feeling it. Without the outlets I have created over time to maintain my balance, the things that would help me hold my sanity, it is becomingly increasingly frustrating as I feel things boiling over and out of control. I do believe it’s important to have hope…to create hope. I also believe it’s important to call things what they are…but what is this really? It’s feeling more and more like freedom has become an illusion or a state of mind at best. We cannot leave our cages but the bills are still due. Perhaps tomorrow will be a brighter day…but to truly appreciate the light, you also have to acknowledge the dark or you leave out key components of history…a history we must learn from if we do not wish to repeat it.

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“If I Could Steal Your Pain.” Acrylic on panel. 36in x 24in. Canvas prints available.

This painting reflects on the desire to take away someone else’s pain. Sometimes we can’t handle or don’t know how to deal with our own pain, yet we’re still willing to shoulder someone else’s in the effort to lighten their burden. Everyone has pain, some just hide it better. Some experience more in a day than anyone should have to face in a lifetime. Learn to use that pain as fuel, for yourself and for others. If you can do that, that pain can heal your hurt.

This painting is dedicated to my best friend, muse, and the woman I loved. This is dedicated to Deanne Hastings, who tragically disappeared in 2015 and has yet to be found. It is suspected that she was murdered but there has been no closure to date.

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