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Want a #MostlyForHer mini post-it poem?

Go to and select “Donate” + pick the amount you want to contribute to feed a starving artist. Then DM me the one you want and I’ll send you some extra goodies too. For those that have made small donations, I can’t begin to express how much it helps and how much I appreciate it. In many cases, it has been a meal on a day I would not otherwise be able to eat. Thank you so much!

Want to take a step-by-step beginners painting class or private lesson with yours truly? My public schedule is posted on my site for your convenience. DM for private lessons and events.


Michael Carini | LEARN MORE

Michael Carini | LEARN MORE

Sometimes the dream drives you and sometimes you drive the dream…

If you enjoy my work or my stories, please share them. Your referrals are the most powerful resource I have. Check out and if you see something you like that’s out of reach, let’s find a solution for you. Interested in a #MostlyForHer post-it poem? Just go to my site, click “Donate” + make a small contribution to feed a starving artist, and message me the piece you like. I’ll send you some extra goodies too. I also have my painting class schedule listed there and you can DM me for private events and lessons.

Thank you for your support!