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“Faces Of The Parabox” is a subset derived from “The Boy In The Box” series. Commencing upon the precipice of homelessness, “The Boy In The Box” follows the rigid geometric structuring of the “The Up-Side Of Down” and represents the perpetual quest for personal freedom and breaking outside of the box. We often create our own boxes. This painting, “Mirror Rorrim (The Reflection)”, reflects upon the only person that can change your life. It’s you!

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Sometimes the dream drives you and sometimes you drive the dream…

If you enjoy my work or my stories, please share them. Your referrals are the most powerful resource I have. Check out and if you see something you like that’s out of reach, let’s find a solution for you. Interested in a #MostlyForHer post-it poem? Just go to my site, click “Donate” + make a small contribution to feed a starving artist, and message me the piece you like. I’ll send you some extra goodies too. I also have my painting class schedule listed there and you can DM me for private events and lessons.

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This reminds me why I do what I do. It’s not always about me. In fact, it’s usually not. It’s for all the kids and kids inside of us bigger kids that have a dream. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always work out, but that’s why it’s a dream and dreams are worth making sacrifices and taking chances.

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The “10 Year Table Canvas” spans a decade of visions, creations, and more than 10 bodies of work. Within its depths lie the tangible blood, sweat, and tears of this man beneath the paint. It is a deeply textured and layered history in its purest and most raw form. Encompassing hundreds of paintings that paradoxically unite to create one, it is nothing short of an intimate self portrait of myself, the Acrylic Alchemist.

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“You Called Out For Me And So I Came To You (The Dreamer And The Night Terrors)” is now available in a variety of new sizes and options. This painting is dedicated to Deanne Hastings, and reflects my very first visit across the country to see her in a time of need. 

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I really need your help! I went all in on this dream and need your support and referrals to help get off the ground.

Featured: Blutiful

“Blutiful” was one of the first paintings of my Summer 2012 artist residency. Inspired by a conversation with a homeless man I met named Blue, it is a reminder that beauty can be found in even the most difficult times and the most unlikely of places. In times of darkness, make life “Blutiful.”

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