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Custom Carini “Beautiful Accidents” earrings. You can still send a little love and look fabulous for those selfies for the remainder of this indefinable quarantine. Wear the art…Be the art. I have about a dozen pairs ready to go and can easily create a custom pair to match your favorite painting or color scheme. Message me for inquiries.

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Michael Carini | Carini Arts

Michael Carini | Carini Arts

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Original and recycled, these “Beautiful Accidents” are the palettes of my creative visions. Each tells a story as deep as the one (or ones) into which it breathes life. I have almost 20 newly released pieces from this collection. Message me for inquiries. 

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Sunday Funday!

I guess there’s a lot off the table for Sunday Funday, but still have the most of it. I figured…why not a nude impromptu photo shoot with some of my paintings?
Do you ever feel like you’re too much, but not enough at the same time?

“Always Too Much (But Never Enough).” Acrylic on panel. 60in x 30in. Original and prints available. Get your prints and much more at to feed a starving artist. Your support puts paint on the palette and food on the table.

We could all use a little something to bring us back together right now. Check out this specialty set of “Puzzled Hearts” earrings. Message me for inquiries. Only 1 pair like this.

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Design by François Perrier for the title page of Segmenta Nobilium Signorum et Statuarum, a volume of engravings after ancient statues published in 1638

Royal Collection Trust

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“95,126,814,720 Confessions Of An Alchemist.” Acrylic on canvas. 24in x 24in. This is one of my favorite color palettes to play with. Visit for canvas prints of this painting and much more.

Brand new works available! Get your “Beautiful Accidents” today. Homes have already been found for 4, so claim yours before someone else does. Flexible pricing, free shipping, and payment plans available.

These recycled works are part of my “Beautiful Accidents” collection inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi and shibui. These are my actual paint palettes. Each tells a story…some more than one. Don’t forget to check out my brand new earrings which are created from these pieces.

Buy artist direct and feed a starving artist. Your support puts food on the table and paint on the palette. I couldn’t do what I do without you. Thank you for your support.