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Affordable canvas art and decor. Free worldwide shipping plus options for payment plans. This piece is also available in options for jewelry, hoodies, leggings, and even custom blankets.

“Consumption Of The White Whale (Ahadevale)” references “Moby Dick” in a tale of obsession and total consumption with added historical references to Georgia O’Keeffe. You may spot that hidden treasure with an obsessive canvasing of this whale watching experience. What is your obsession? What is your white whale?

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Surrounding yourself with a little inspiration goes a long way. I’ve got some inspiring canvas art available for any room and any dreamer.

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Good morning art history lovers!

Working on the next issue of The Medieval Magazine this morning. InDesign, tea, marginalia and my little one hugging my leg 🥰


Costume design by Léon Bakst for a female dancer in Paul Paray’s ballet Artémis troublée

Russian, 1922

pochoir on paper

Vaughan Oliver



@obby1000 / @brianvu

collateral pieces designed for UCR ARTS,
@forthandbackstudio, 2018