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Flashback to a project preview I did at @scrippshealth for a very special project about healing ❤️

Labyrinth Of The Butterfly Canvas:

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“Foreverandever.” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 96in. Original and prints available in a variety of sizes.

People make a lot of promises about “forever” but that “forever” doesn’t often seem to last very long. When I say “forever”, I want it to mean “Foreverandever.” This painting depicts a scenic gardenesque fantasyland filled with floral delights, plenty of safe places to rest head, and the warm light of the setting sun peering in from above to touch your shoulder and let you know everything is going to be alright. This is the world of your dreams and everything you deserve… “Foreverandever.”

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My furry little “Employee of the Month” arranging some of the new “Beautiful Accidents” and picking out her favorites. Almost 20 new pieces available. Original, affordable, free shipping, and payment plan options. Message me to start or add to your collection. Buy artist direct and feed a starving artist. Your support puts food on the table and paint on the palette.

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Michael Carini | Carini Arts

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“95,126,814,720 Confessions Of An Alchemist.” Acrylic on canvas. 24in x 24in. This is one of my favorite color palettes to play with. Visit for canvas prints of this painting and much more.