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“I Gave You Every Piece Of Me But You Could Never Love  A Puzzle (95,126,814,720 Pieces Of An Alchemist).” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 40in x 25in. Canvas prints available.

This painting reflects upon battles with both self-love and the realization I often give the love I always wish I had. It’s often difficult for people to love a puzzle they can’t put together. The box can be intriguing, maybe they even open it, but so few are willing to take the time to see it through to the final piece. The number of puzzle pieces is also a direct reference to my mega creation Regenaissance. Perhaps the reason the puzzle is so difficult to complete is that so many pieces are missing because they were given away to people that mishandled them and never put them back in the box.

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Michael Carini

Commission in progress. I am REALLY liking the way this one is turning out. Just a bit more and this one is ready to rise. Message me today to request your commission. | Michael Carini

Phoenix rising commission painting in progress. Yesterday I worked the ashes of a painting I sacrificed and burned into this painting to give them new life like that of the rising phoenix. | Michael Carini

“The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora).” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 60in. Original available. Canvas prints available at in a variety of sizes + jewelry, apparel, and custom blankets.

This bright and energetic painting tells the story of Pandora’s Box being opened. Being “The Boy In The Box” it also alludes to me escaping and discovering my freedom from within the box. With that freedom comes an inherent energy and chaos that must be channeled. Knowledge may be a dangerous weapon, but it’s also a great and beautiful gift that can save the world if handled with both love and care.

Michael Carini

Small #MostlyForHer paintings available and you can also request a custom commission with your favorite poem and color scheme. Message me today to get yours and I’ll make sure it’s a win/win.

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Here’s my phoenix rising #MostlyForHer “Puzzled Heart” painting. I wasn’t sure how I felt about incorporating writing into my painting techniques at first…but now I have no doubt that I made the right decision to take that leap of blind faith. For so long I felt like I had to keep my writing separate from my painting…but why? Be the person you need to be and throw away all of the external (and perhaps internal) expectations. Ignore the judgment. Become the best version of you and do so unapologetically. This is your time to rise.

This painting is available. Acrylic on panel. 24in x 24in. Message me for inquiries and visit to see my new blog post and check out my shop & podcast. 

“I Will Never Let You Love Me Because I Could Never Love Myself” detail image. Acrylic on panel. 72in x 24in. Canvas prints available at and original available upon request. Message me.

My brightest paintings are often my darkest. This one explores the critical importance of self-love. It’s difficult to have a successful relationship with anyone without it. Learning to love yourself may require day to day work, but it’s imperative for your acceptance of yourself and your happiness.

This painting was created around 2010 and did have a sequel around 6 years later titled “I Will Finally Let You Love Me Because I Learned To Love Myself.”

“The Breath After Last.” Acrylic on panel. 60in x 36in. This is one of my larger paintings from this collection, one of my favorites, and one that simply isn’t done justice in digital representation. Canvas prints available at and original also available. Message me for inquiries.  

This painting pairs with my painting “If I Don’t Say Goodbye (Please Forgive Me). Blue has long been my favorite color to work with. It’s so versatile…both in color and the ability to utilize your blues. A number of artists have had their blue period. I’m still working through mine. 

Packing up for Wonderfront Festival right now. It’s an uncommon rainy day here in San Diego but the show must go on as we set up in preparation for the festivities starting tomorrow. All of these pieces (and a handful more) are available and you can claim them for yourself by sending me a message. I will make them work for you. Custom commissions with your desired color scheme and poem are also available. Dm me.

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Flashback to work on exhibit at ALEXANDER SALAZAR FINE ART. I’m currently making deals on older inventory and accepting commissions. Artwork for your home and office. DM me and let’s talk.