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Happy Monday From Braska and Carini Arts!

There could be no greater endorsement for the quality of the Carini Arts custom blankets than Braska choosing to sleep on mine every single morning. Thank you to my marketing ace for allowing me to capture her in all of her glory. Get your custom blanket at and message me to pick your painting design. 

Braska loves the spotlight, but I also get a lot of behind the scenes support from Moo (pictured here) and her littermate, Mee. Moo and Mee are much more low-key and have been with me a long time. They will both turn 12 on Valentine’s Day next week. My clowder count is currently at 3, but knowing me, that could change on any given day with new additions.

More at

Almost every single person that has one of my custom blankets from has told me their cat has stolen and claimed it 🐈😂❤️

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Little B is feeling festive and made it to 12pm…but I’m not sure about 12am 🤣


Work in progress with my #1 helper and “Employee of the Month” Braska.

Congratulations to Braska for being the November “Employee of the Month” at Carini Arts. Though Braska is not certified as a therapy companion, I can 100% attest to the fact that I simply would not be here today without her. Thank you Braska and I love you more than anything. You have saved my life on more days than you haven’t.

Little Moo loves her spot on the couch in front of Astranomelly