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Braska on her viewing station.

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She had a long 4 day weekend

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“I Will Finally Let You Love Me (Because I Learned To Love Myself).” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 25in x 40in. Original and prints available.

This 2016 painting is the sequel to my painting “I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself)” from 2010. I would love to say it only took that 6 years to discover and build self-love but the truth is that it has been a lifetime of work and will likely be a perpetual work in progress until the end of my days. Some days I really feel it and some days I really don’t…but I’m still here fighting and working on it…and that’s my progress because God knows there have been many days I didn’t want to be. Self-love is hard but it will open your eyes and change your life. Hang in there and keep working on it. You are valuable. You are beautiful.  

Message me for inquiries. Prints available from Carini Arts at + share your favorite posts with a tag for a chance to win free art. It’s that simple. Braska also wants to say hello and tell you that hoodies like mine are also available on my shop.

Michael Carini

Happy Monday From Braska and Carini Arts!

Big paintings for big dreamers from Carini Arts. Follow and share your favorite posts with a tag for a chance to win free art in giveaways. A new winner was featured today and will receive an original painting. It’s that simple!

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Congratulations to Braska for being named the January “Employee Of The Month,” kicking off the decade strong and in style. Braska earned this honor for helping to secure a number of large deals and commissions, as well as her incredible marketing campaign contributions. For her celebratory photo, she asked if we could give a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle in front of “Astranomelly.”

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There could be no greater endorsement for the quality of the Carini Arts custom blankets than Braska choosing to sleep on mine every single morning. Thank you to my marketing ace for allowing me to capture her in all of her glory. Get your custom blanket at and message me to pick your painting design. 

Braska loves the spotlight, but I also get a lot of behind the scenes support from Moo (pictured here) and her littermate, Mee. Moo and Mee are much more low-key and have been with me a long time. They will both turn 12 on Valentine’s Day next week. My clowder count is currently at 3, but knowing me, that could change on any given day with new additions.

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Braska showing some love in front of my largest singular painting to date, “Astranomelly.” Acrylic on canvas. 78in x 120in. Original and prints available.
Commencing upon the precipice of homelessness, “The Boy In The Box” collection follows the rigid geometric structuring of the “The Up-Side Of Down” and represents the perpetual quest for personal freedom and breaking outside of the box.

“Astranomelly” was the culminating piece of my artist residency in Downtown San Diego. During the months of April/May (2012) I spent 50 days painting on Broadway Avenue, generally averaging 10-12 hours per session and never taking a single day off. Basically living in the studio as I found myself on the precipice of homelessness, this climactic creation measures 6.5â€Č x 10â€Č and is representative of my collective experiences as “The Boy In The Box.” The culture shock of the residency experience made this both an artistic opportunity and a sociological experiment as I found myself imbued with the regionalism of this foreign community and was indoctrinated into their culture. The individuals that visited and shared their stories during my tenure in the box were all incorporated into the painting, their names inscribed in the underpainting that surrounds the iconic vortex (or black hole) that is simultaneously a symbol of the outward eyes looking in at me as I poured my soul into the canvas. The concept for “Astranomelly” came to me on a car ride home at 3:30am as I listened to the track “Battling the Sun” by local musician Astra Kelly. I had met Astra earlier that evening when she stopped in during a rare San Diego storm. The rest of the story I now leave with you.

-Michael Carini 

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