Category: carving

Personnage à La Jambe Repliée by François-Louis Schmied, created to illustrate an edition of Homer’s Odyssey

French, c. 1925

carved wood panel heightened with color

private collection x

Flask with tracery and a head of Medusa in gold, by the workshop of Giovanni Ambrogio Miseroni 

Italian, 1530-1540

diamond, gold, and omphacite

Museo del Prado

Gorgeous stonework from Ávila Cathedral (12th Century), featuring an Adoration of the Magi scene. submission via twitter.

Priam Supplicating Achilles for the Body of Hector by Giuseppe Girometti

Italian, c. 1815-1825

onyx and gold

Metropolitan Museum of Art

submission via Twitter:

Went to the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm today. Spotted this altar piece from Hammarby Church, Sweden, 1475–1500.