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Braska and I are still hard at work, trying to bring a little love and light to those in need.

“Employee of the Month” told me she needs some time off because she’s feeling a bit feverish with a dry cough. I had to kindly remind her that she works from home already and that I see her eyes open. Bravo for trying though Braska. Now back to work! We have earrings to make and hope to distribute.

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Congratulations to Braska for being named the February “Employee of the Month” at Carini Arts. Understandably, there was a delay in announcing the winner of this prestigious and coveted award due to the coronavirus. Braska earned the award yet again for her diligence in the creation of the new “Beautiful Accidents” pieces and the development of the new custom Carini “Beautiful Accidents” earrings. She has also been a pillar of comfort and tranquility during this difficult period. Congratulations Braska.

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My big helper and reigning “Employee Of The Month.”

I really feel like I need to learn a valuable lesson from her right now in learning to let go.

Braska’s confidence soars when she helps us secure a new collector and rightfully so. She does a wonderful job and that’s why she reigns as “Employee of the Month” at Carini Arts.

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Braska on her viewing station.

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Featured: “Window To The Sol.” Acrylic on canvas. 32in x 20in. Original and prints available from Carini Arts. Braska has been a big help today and I need it because it has been a rough one.

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She had a long 4 day weekend

Congratulations to Braska for being named the January “Employee Of The Month,” kicking off the decade strong and in style. Braska earned this honor for helping to secure a number of large deals and commissions, as well as her incredible marketing campaign contributions. For her celebratory photo, she asked if we could give a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle in front of “Astranomelly.”

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