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Flashback to some of the work I did back around 2005 when I was focused on color studies and building solid fundamentals while a student at Loyola Marymount University. I have different voices and stories to tell and once upon a time I did something a bit different from what many know me for now. Be true to yourself and the work you want to create. I only have one large triptych left from this series measuring nearly 12’ overall. It reflects upon inner struggle and the battle between heaven and hell, though through the subject of the shepherd. 

This is part of a seven canvas polyptych. I’ve always loved the idea of standalone pieces that could also be part of something more…as life is a puzzle. 

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poems available as is or as custom painting commissions. Message me to request yours.

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“But How Could You Judge Me If I Never Really Existed”

Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 48in x 30in. Original and prints available in a variety of sizes. Message me for original. I thought about this painting while watching Joker the other day.

A number of artists in history have had their blue period and I’ve certainly had mine. This painting has a central shape that doesn’t really exist, or does it? The central shape is constructed out of negative space only by what surrounds it. Sometimes nothing grows into something and sometimes we are built up or defined by the things that surround us. If those things disappear, do we still exist? 

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Small #MostlyForHer paintings available and you can also request a custom commission with your favorite poem and color scheme. Message me today to get yours and I’ll make sure it’s a win/win.

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New art coming this new year…this new decade. This was the final painting of this year…this decade.

Though it’s a new year and a new decade, every single day of your life is an opportunity to start fresh and take the first step to everything you’ve ever dreamed possible. Check out my new blog post at on the first step to everything.

Latest piece is complete and I’ve stuck with the theme of a grey base in honor of mental health awareness…this one focusing on blue greys and the feeling of drowning in that grey period. I currently have four pieces from my “Puzzled Hearts” collection available. Message me to get yours or request a commission.

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Detail shot of the newest painting now available. Message me for inquiries and you are always welcome to share my work or use as profile images, cover photos, or screensavers. A tag or credit is always appreciated so people know how to find me. You make what I do possible by sharing my work.

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#MostlyForHer paintings available in your favorite color scheme with your favorite poem. DM me to get yours. I have about a dozen already ready to ship out and hang.

Fresh paint from the studio now available. More grey based work as promised with a complement of blues. Message me for inquiries so we can put some art on your walls and in your heart.

Here’s a detail from the latest piece I finished up in the studio. More pictures to come this weekend.

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