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Thomas Hart Benton (American, 1889-1974), Mine…

Thomas Hart Benton (American, 1889-1974), Mine Strike, Pittsburgh PA, 1933. Oil on tin.

Giorgio de Chirico (Italian, 1888-1978), Gladi…

Giorgio de Chirico (Italian, 1888-1978), Gladiatori, 1928. Oil on canvas.

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Fayum Mummy Portraits, dating from around 30 BC to the mid 3rd century AD.

The portrait heads were attached to Egyptian mummies of the Roman period, covering the faces of the deceased. In the top pictures, you can see now they were bound to the mummy. Dating from the time of the Roman occupation of Egypt, they are closest to Graeco-Roman artistic traditions. Around 900 are known to survive and they are some of the only surviving evidence of Classical panel painting traditions. Due to their burial in hot, dry conditions with the bodies, many have survived in excellent condition.

The term Fayum comes from an area of graveyards (necropoli) where they were found in large numbers, buried in communal catacombs.

Painted on wooden board (and sometimes on cloth), either in encaustic (wax) or egg tempera.

Favourite artworks ever.

Christmas by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai, 1910

Christmas by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai, 1910

Maurice Freedman (American, 1904-1985), Thistl…

Maurice Freedman (American, 1904-1985), Thistles, 1945. Gouache on paper.

Annunciation by Sandro Botticelli – circa 14…

Annunciation by Sandro Botticelli – circa 1489-1490

Carl Grossberg (German, 1894-1940), Stahlskele…

Carl Grossberg (German, 1894-1940), Stahlskelett , 1935. Oil on cardboard.

Wifredo Lam (Cuban, 1902-1982), Retrato de la …

Wifredo Lam (Cuban, 1902-1982), Retrato de la Sr. García de Castro, I, 1933. Oil on canvas.



Still Life by Edward Hartley Mooney – 1916

Still Life by Edward Hartley Mooney – 1916