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Juliette by John White Alexander – circa 1895

Green Girl by John White Alexander – 1897

It’s all good, real pleasures, but my absolute favorite today: The sack of Rome by Sylvestre – (a new name to me). Works as parody today, but was probably deadly serious at the time. Or was it?

Do you mean this painting? I hadn’t heard of the artist Jean-Noël Sylvestre either, but I doubt it was a parody. It looks fairly typical of 19th-century historical painting in the academic style. According to Wikipedia (citing an exhibition catalogue from the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Béziers), he was a student of Thomas Couture and Alexandre Cabanel. Perhaps the original poster @catonhottinroof might know more? 

Clouds by Akseli Gallen-Kallela – 1883

The Black Cat (also known as Le Chat Noir) by John White Alexander – 1896

Michael Carini | The Lost Shepherd

Majority: Why don’t you paint something realistic?

Me: Because I don’t fucking want to. I’m more interested in what comes from the mind at this stage of my development. I was classically trained. Here are some pieces from my “Lost Shepherd” series from when I was around 20. The series was an introspective reflection upon how even the shepherd can lose his or her way. I only have three painting left from this series. There you go…now hush lol! No, I will not paint your fucking dog 🤣

The boat by Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Aurora Leigh by John White Alexander – 1904

Young Woman Arranging Her Hair by John White Alexander, circa 1890-1895

Amstel by Leo Gestel – circa 1907