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Big thank you to everyone that has supported me in the pursuit of my dream. I may have created my own world, but you have nurtured it and I couldn’t do what I do without you. When you support a starving artist, you put food on the table and paint on the palette. Thank you for making this dream possible.

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“Between The Gates (The Alchemist’s Key)” is available. Acrylic on canvas. 36in x 36in. This painting plays with symbolism as it references “The Gate Of Truth” in alchemy. If you look closely, you may spot a keyhole, an angel, the sign of the infinite.

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“Puzzled Hearts” now available and looking for new homes. Message me to claim yours or request a custom commission. Your support puts food on the table and paint on the palette of a starving artist.

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Which poem and color scheme would you like customized on a #MostlyForHer painting just for you? Message me today to reserve yours.

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Custom commission being finished in the studio. This collector loved my #MostlyForHer collection but wanted a specific poem with a specific color scheme. The base on this one is a deep metallic purple. I can do the same for you. Message me for inquiries.

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“Chasing The Gate (Searching For Deanne).” Acrylic on canvas. 48in x 36in. Canvas prints available at

“Chasing The Gate (Searching For Deanne)” reflects upon feelings of anxiety, depression, and glimmers of hope as it highlights the disappearance of my best friend and muse, Deanne Hastings, in 2015. It is suspected that she was murdered but there has been no closure to date. This painting depicts a long and arduous quest to find Deanne and meeting her again one day at the gateway of heaven.

Deanne always called me her “Wings” and is the reason I have them tattooed on my back. I just wish I could have there for her this last time when she really needed me most. I could sense the call was going to come, but it never did, and part of me knew why. I’ve always felt that I failed her by not being there that last time, though I wanted to be and would have been. I think one of the reasons I work so hard is because of Deanne. I always tried so hard to impress her and make her proud. The last time I saw her, she told me she was. I will forever do whatever I can to keep her spirit alive through my creations. She is now my “Wings” and my angel. I love you Deanne.

“The Gate Of Alchemy” or “The Gate Of Truth” is a metaphysical and metaphorical structure and the central point of transmutation in Acrylic Alchemy. I created Acrylic Alchemy based on the principal that if I utilize my pain and struggle to create something positive and beautiful, if I learn to love it, it can no longer hurt me. Learn to master your pain. Don’t let it consume you. Embrace the suffering and use your pain for the greater good. There are a lot of people out there that need their “Wings.”

“Falling Towards The Sky” is one of my favorite paintings. I love working large. When speaking to younger or newer artists that haven’t yet worked large, many express apprehension and intimidation about working large, but it can be the most freeing and liberating experience for an artist not to be constrained by the 30" of table or the boundaries of an easel. Working large is such a experiential process and it allows me, someone generally very tight and constrained, to get my entire body into the process, and thus opening my mind and soul at the same time. With the changes I made this past year, I haven’t had as many opportunities to work large, but I’m working my way back to it and have some wonderful ideas. I’m getting a little antsy because I can feel the energy building up and I’m ready to let it explode all over a fresh canvas.

Many artists and art observers that I’ve spoken to over the years have expressed to me that they see large works as a benchmark of success. Bear in mind that some of the greatest artists of all time worked on an incredibly small scale. Sometimes big dreams come in small paintings, and it certainly did for “The Mona Lisa” and “Starry Night.” There is something wonderful though about standing in front of a painting that fills your entire field of vision. If you haven’t had an opportunity to work large yet, try it. Try it once. If you’re not an artist, try standing in front of a massive painting. Try it once.

Featured: “Falling Towards The Sky.” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 96in. Original and prints available. Message me for inquiries.

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Big work and big dreams. On a rough week like this one, Braska reminds me why I keep going.

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I generally use very few brushes for my paintings. Most of my paintings are completed using between 2-4 brushes, and that includes my priming brush as well as my finishing brush. I find that a versatile range of techniques can be achieved with even a single brush through exploratory applications. That’s how I developed my own signature style. 

When I find the brushes I do like, I usually buy them in multiples in case they stop making them. Here’s an example of a “before” and “after” of my favorite gesso brush. It’s just about time to retire the one on the right. Once I do retire my brushes, I usually offer them as collector’s items. They tell so many stories and are such critical assets along my journey, it would be a shame to not offer them a life after their services.

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