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Allegorical Figure: Woman with Sword and Sphere by Francesco Francia or Peregrino da Cesena

Italian, c. 1490/1510

niello print

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Two versions of Astrology, the first by Parmigianino and the second by an anonymous Italian artist after Parmigianino 

Italian, early 16th century/17th century


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Self-portrait as Pictura by Amalia von Königsmarck

Swedish, 1687

oil on canvas

Nationalmuseum, in the Swedish National Portrait Gallery collection

Allegorical Battle Scene by Charles de la Fosse

French, 17th or 18th century

black, red, and white chalk on blue antique laid paper

Fogg Museum

La Comédie (Comedy) by Henri Cros

French, 1891

pâte de verre polychrome 

private collection

Detail from Allegory of Poetry, in the manner of Francesco Furini

oil on canvas

private collection

Generosity or Liberality by Francesco Furini. Italian, possibly 1630s. Oil on canvas. Via Sotheby’s

Description from the auction house: 

Est modus in rebus (There is measure in all things): Furini choses Horace’s maxim to evoke Generosity or Liberality. Personified as a nude woman, she leans upon the quotation from the Roman poet inscribed on a stone pedestal. Furini was inspired by the depiction of Generosity as defined by Cesare Ripa in his Iconology, who, in her right hand, “holds strings of jewels and pearls, displaying them as if offering them as gifts.” 

Virtue and Abundance by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and his workshop, roundel from the Palazzo Valle-Marchesini-Sala

Italian, 1760

fresco, later transferred to canvas

Metropolitan Museum of Art  

Allegorical figures of GeometryArithmetic, Metaphysics, and Grammar by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and his workshop with Girolamo Mengozzi Colonna

Italian, 1760 

fresco, later transferred to canvas 

Metropolitan Museum of Art (formerly located in the Palazzo Valle-Marchesini-Sala in Vicenza, Italy)

Three Allegorical Figures in a Roundel by Battista Franco, called Il Semolei

Italian, 16th century

pen and brown ink with brush and brown wash on paper

Metropolitan Museum of Art