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Rodrigo Garzón

Machine Renaissance,
Anna Morskaya, 2019

@virtualplaza, 2019


Michael Carini | Learn More

The “Beautiful Accidents” are based upon the Japanese aesthetic concepts of wabi-sabi and shibui.

The “10 Year Table Canvas” spans a decade of visions, creations, and more than 10 bodies of work. Within its depths lie the tangible blood, sweat, and tears of this man beneath the paint. It is a deeply textured and layered history in its purest and most raw form. Encompassing hundreds of paintings that paradoxically unite to create one, it is nothing short of an intimate self portrait of myself, the Acrylic Alchemist.

I think this is one of my most special and valuable pieces. For 10 years, I wiped my palette knife on my table and this is the result. There is a piece of every single painting from over a decade in this one piece, essentially making it a collective portfolio of sorts. The energy is raw and palpable. The textures are insane and represent a three dimensional map of my life. I can still pinpoint certain paintings I was working on at certain times and stages of my life, from the bottom and the top, within this painting. Although I generally don’t allow people to touch my paintings because of the damage caused by oils from the hands, this is a painting I insist that people touch. It will touch you.

I will be bringing this painting to KAABOO Del Mar and allowing people to touch it! Interested in this original or a canvas print of it? Check it out HERE



‘learn how one time traveling maniac created the world’s best selling nightmare machines’, Troy Ford, 2019

Özdeniz Dolu‎ in Glitch Artists Collective