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“I Will Finally Let You Love Me (Because I Learned To Love Myself).” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 25in x 40in. Original and prints available.

This 2016 painting is the sequel to my painting “I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself)” from 2010. I would love to say it only took that 6 years to discover and build self-love but the truth is that it has been a lifetime of work and will likely be a perpetual work in progress until the end of my days. Some days I really feel it and some days I really don’t…but I’m still here fighting and working on it…and that’s my progress because God knows there have been many days I didn’t want to be. Self-love is hard but it will open your eyes and change your life. Hang in there and keep working on it. You are valuable. You are beautiful.  

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Michael Carini

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“As Angel Tears Quell Conflagrations.” Acrylic on canvas. Canvas prints available from Carini Arts at + check out the other pieces from my flower collection.

I thought this would be a wonderful piece to share for what would be my father’s Birthday today.

Featured: Detail shot from “The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora).” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 60in. Original and prints available.

I was able to pull some of my biggest and best works off the rack last week for a studio visit. If you’re looking for big art for your home or office, I’ve got some wonderful options for you.This bright and energetic painting tells the story of Pandora’s Box being opened. As “The Boy In The Box,” it also alludes to escaping and discovering my freedom from the literal and metaphorical boxes of my life. We all have them. With that freedom comes an inherent energy and chaos that must be channeled. Knowledge may be a dangerous weapon, but it’s also a great and beautiful gift that can save the world if handled with both love and care.

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Here’s a detail shot from my massive 6’ x 8’ “Alice In Wonderland” tribute painting “The Hitchhikers: Take Us To Wonderland (Alicinner).” Prints are available at and if you take a close look, you may spot some Easter eggs that I buried in this painting. 

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Detail shot from “Reconstruction Of the Chimera (Zachericle).” Acrylic, ashes, and cut painting on canvas. Original is 60in x 60in.

“Reconstruction of the Chimera (Zachericle)” tells the story of the mythological phoenix while also incorporating personal narrative elements and concepts of the ouroboros & chimera. Created during my 2012 artist residency, it was inspired by a young man named Zach. Zach would stop by on a daily basis to grab a piece of candy from the bucket I left by the door for those passing by. One day, Zach decided to step in a little further than usual which led to a deeper conversation. I handed Zach a print of my work for stopping by, at which point tears welled up in his eyes. It was at that time that Zach told me he had been living on the street and was just accepted into a program where he would have a bed to sleep for the first time in a long time. My print, he said, was one of the only things in his possession that he could call his own, and the first thing for him to hang above his bed. By the time I finished this painting, Zach had stopped coming by. I don’t believe he ever saw it and hopefully that’s because he’s doing well. Sometimes we just need a chance to start over.The ashes in this piece are from a painting I burned titled “The Transmutation of Miss-Tere” and the cut fragments are from a piece titled “Sacrifices and Second Chances (The Day Eye Made The Devil Blink).”

You can get prints of this painting at and you can also check out some of my YouTube content showing me sacrificing the painting used to create and give birth to this story.

Only two weeks left to see “Foreverandever” on exhibit at ArcLight Cinemas La Jolla in Westfield UTC. Stop by, check it out, and take a photo with it/tag me for a chance to win cool art. I also have two other massive paintings on exhibit with it.

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What I love about these “Beautiful Accidents” pieces is that they’re so unintentional, yet so textured and layered in history.
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Here it is! I have received a lot of positive messages and intrigue about the new painting. I was compelled recently to focus on a different aspect of mental health through my creative process. For a long time, I have worked with very expressive, saturated, and perhaps even manic color schemes. What I don’t want to neglect though are the grey periods, because we all have them and they can be equally, if not more expressive. The grey periods are just as critical to recognize and I know this because I have been in one of my own for some time now. As I work my way out if it, I want to explore it from the inside out. That grey period has a silver lining and I would like to shine a light on it in the studio for all to see. May it help to shine a light on your own as well so that you too may pull yourself out of it and back into your light so you may shine as you are meant to.

The response to this piece has been so overwhelmingly positive, I intent to follow up with a collection of more grey based pieces with only accents of other, more saturated colors. This painting is available.

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