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In honor of Valentine’s Day week, I’m sharing some of my love themed paintings. This painting detail shot, which was featured in my recent blog post, is “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself).” The journey of self-love is the most difficult journey you will ever embark upon, but also the most necessary. Check out my new blog post at and sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates, shows, and specials. This original painting is available and looking for a home.

Michael Carini

Looking for the gift of love? #MostlyForHer paintings available from Carini Arts. Message me for inquiries and commissions.

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Featured: Detail shot from “I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself).” Acrylic on panel. 72in x 24in. Original and canvas prints (cropped) available in a variety of sizes. Message me for original or inquiries.

My brightest paintings are often my darkest. This one explores the critical importance of self-love. It’s difficult to have a successful relationship with anyone, yourself included, without it. Learning to love yourself may require day to day work stretched over the course of a lifetime. It’s often the most difficult journey, but also the most necessary…for yourself and everyone you may encounter along that journey.

This painting was created around 2010 and did have a sequel around 6 years later titled “I Will Finally Let You Love Me (Because I Learned To Love Myself).” Still, the journey of self-love continues.

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Featured: Detail shot from “The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora).” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 60in. Original and prints available.

I was able to pull some of my biggest and best works off the rack last week for a studio visit. If you’re looking for big art for your home or office, I’ve got some wonderful options for you.

This bright and energetic painting tells the story of Pandora’s Box being opened. As “The Boy In The Box,” it also alludes to escaping and discovering my freedom from the literal and metaphorical boxes of my life. We all have them. With that freedom comes an inherent energy and chaos that must be channeled. Knowledge may be a dangerous weapon, but it’s also a great and beautiful gift that can save the world if handled with both love and care.

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Here’s a detail shot from my massive 6’ x 8’ “Alice In Wonderland” tribute painting “The Hitchhikers: Take Us To Wonderland (Alicinner).” Prints are available at and if you take a close look, you may spot some Easter eggs that I buried in this painting. 

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Michael Carini

“Falling Towards The Sky.” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 96. Visit for canvas prints in a variety of sizes. You have until January 4, 2020 to see this painting at ArcLight Cinemas La Jolla in Westfield UTC.

This painting is about being a dreamer, defying the odds of even physics, and doing the impossible. It’s one of my lighter, more hopeful paintings and a glimpse into heaven as a blue veil of clouds is pulled aside like a curtain so as to find a safe place to land and rest.

Only two weeks left to see “Foreverandever” on exhibit at ArcLight Cinemas La Jolla in Westfield UTC. Stop by, check it out, and take a photo with it/tag me for a chance to win cool art. I also have two other massive paintings on exhibit with it.

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Layers and layers of textured history. This original 18" x 24" piece from my “Beautiful Accidents” collection is available. Message me.

Here it is! I have received a lot of positive messages and intrigue about the new painting. I was compelled recently to focus on a different aspect of mental health through my creative process. For a long time, I have worked with very expressive, saturated, and perhaps even manic color schemes. What I don’t want to neglect though are the grey periods, because we all have them and they can be equally, if not more expressive. The grey periods are just as critical to recognize and I know this because I have been in one of my own for some time now. As I work my way out if it, I want to explore it from the inside out. That grey period has a silver lining and I would like to shine a light on it in the studio for all to see. May it help to shine a light on your own as well so that you too may pull yourself out of it and back into your light so you may shine as you are meant to.

The response to this piece has been so overwhelmingly positive, I intent to follow up with a collection of more grey based pieces with only accents of other, more saturated colors. This painting is available.

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Loving the new “Beautiful Accidents” pieces that are a constant work in progress. They are available. Message me to get yours. | Michael Carini