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It has been a rough week but life moves on and you find a way to pull through. Had the privilege of speaking for career day at Cathedral Catholic High School this morning and finished off the afternoon with the installation of a special commission for La Mesa Dental Center. More completion photos to come, but wanted to share a rare action shot of me doing an install.

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Detail Shot: “Always Too Much (But Never Enough).” Original and prints available. Message me for inquiries.

Do you ever feel like you’re too much but not enough at the same time? I do.
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In honor of Valentine’s Day week, I’m sharing some of my love themed paintings. This painting detail shot, which was featured in my recent blog post, is “When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself).” The journey of self-love is the most difficult journey you will ever embark upon, but also the most necessary. Check out my new blog post at and sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates, shows, and specials. This original painting is available and looking for a home.

Michael Carini

Featured: Detail shot from “I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself).” Acrylic on panel. 72in x 24in. Original and canvas prints (cropped) available in a variety of sizes. Message me for original or inquiries.

My brightest paintings are often my darkest. This one explores the critical importance of self-love. It’s difficult to have a successful relationship with anyone, yourself included, without it. Learning to love yourself may require day to day work stretched over the course of a lifetime. It’s often the most difficult journey, but also the most necessary…for yourself and everyone you may encounter along that journey.

This painting was created around 2010 and did have a sequel around 6 years later titled “I Will Finally Let You Love Me (Because I Learned To Love Myself).” Still, the journey of self-love continues.

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This painting that sold last week has always been one of my most interesting because of the color scheme. The colors are of equal brilliance and intensity on the color spectrum, making it play with your optical perception. I’ve spent a great deal of time staring at it and it feels like it’s playing tricks on your eyes. You can find videos of me creating this painting on YouTube.

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Featured: Detail shot from “The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora).” Acrylic on canvas. 60in x 60in. Original and prints available.

I was able to pull some of my biggest and best works off the rack this week for a studio visit. If you’re looking for big art for your home or office, I’ve got some wonderful options for you.

This bright and energetic painting tells the story of Pandora’s Box being opened. As “The Boy In The Box,” it also alludes to escaping and discovering my freedom from the literal and metaphorical boxes of my life. We all have them. With that freedom comes an inherent energy and chaos that must be channeled. Knowledge may be a dangerous weapon, but it’s also a great and beautiful gift that can save the world if handled with both love and care.

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“Once Upon Forever.” Acrylic on canvas. 36in x 36in. Visit for canvas prints available in a variety of sizes.

Yesterday’s tomorrow has arrived so today is the day to go after your dreams. Live in the forever of the now and make your story once upon all of time rather than just a time. This is your time.

“It’s Always Okay Until It’s Not.” Acrylic on panel. 24in x 24in. Visit for canvas prints of this painting and many more.

“It’s Always Okay Until It’s Not” reflects upon how, often in life, out of sight is out of mind and things aren’t a problem in our eyes or minds until they are. Sometimes we see it coming and sometimes we don’t. When it hits though, it is up to us to make it right.

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow And The Gateway Of Rapture.” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 48in x 30in. Visit for canvas prints of this painting available in a variety of sizes.

This painting represents the “Gate of Truth” or heaven. It also alludes to the fact that yesterday’s tomorrow is here in today, and today is what you make it. Make today your heaven.

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Here’s an oldie but favorite…I also think people often misjudge how big it is. My work is something you really have to experience in person to understand.

“Reflections In The Presence Of Absence.” Acrylic on panel. 60in x 48in.

…Because sometimes reflections are only visible in the presence of absence. Visit for prints of this painting.