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One of the very best feelings I have experienced is when someone really connects with my work and I see their energy change as they take a new piece of mine into your hands and their heart. It’s such a cool and indescribable feeling, even for someone that spends a great deal of their time writing. I was blessed to be able to experience that feeling yesterday, and with a twist. 

When you’re commissioned for a painting as an artist, you may feel this different level of pressure because unlike a painting they have picked from a completed catalog, you have to bring a vision to life and hope they are going to connect with what you do next. Add the fact that you work predominantly in the realm of abstraction and that’s a whole new variable for the equation. Pressure makes diamonds though, and I’m always up for the challenge. Focus on the energy of the creative process, and most of the time things will turn out in a positive manner. I really enjoyed creating this painting and sharing the process along the way.

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Michael Carini

“I Gave You Every Piece Of Me But You Could Never Love A Puzzle (95,126,814,720 Pieces Of An Alchemist).” Acrylic and aerosol on panel. 40in x 25in. Canvas prints available.

This painting reflects upon battles with both self-love and the realization I often give the love I always wish I had. It’s often difficult for people to love a puzzle they can’t put together. The box can be intriguing, maybe they even open it, but so few are willing to take the time to see it through to the final piece. The number of puzzle pieces is also a direct reference to my mega creation Regenaissance. Perhaps the reason the puzzle is so difficult to complete is that so many pieces are missing because they were given away to people that mishandled them and never put them back in the box.

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Michael Carini

Braska enjoying a little sunlight beneath “Flesh Of My Flesh (Deribon).”

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wtflya, aertime, 2018

“Once Upon Forever.” Acrylic on canvas. 36in x 36in. Visit for canvas prints available in a variety of sizes.

Yesterday’s tomorrow has arrived so today is the day to go after your dreams. Live in the forever of the now and make your story once upon all of time rather than just a time. This is your time.

Marius Humphrey‎

MMXVII – Downpour Fragments, irr3alism, 2017

Dawnia Carney