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In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, here is a detail of one of my favorite paintings…The Insatiable Monster Eating Away At Me From The Inside. This painting had vodka and xanax mixed with the paint. I love how this detail captured part of the painting in light…and part in shadow.

This painting takes a deep dark journey into personal demons and the things that eat away at the soul. Simultaneously, it reflects upon the simple and pure beauty of the battle back from those deep dark places. Sometimes is may even appear pretty on the outside while crumbling from within. We’ve all seen these places and some of us are still there. Keep fighting.

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“As Open Wounds Open Wings”

Growth often requires great struggle and sometimes  great pain. You may have to open yourself up, expose your wounds, and face very real traumas to do so. This may be the tremendously difficult but necessary truth for you to heal and grow your wings. I know it has been for me and, some days, I still feel the wounds opening up. This painting depicts wings sprouting from the wounds of an angel. This could be you. This could be your story. Let your wounds open your wings.

Original available and prints available at + blog and podcast tackling very real issues. I also have a mesmerizing animated version of this painting for you to check out there as well.

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Sometimes you have to open yourself up and allow yourself to feel the pain in order to heal. The healing starts from within. Use your pain as a source of strength and open your wings. 

On Easel: When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself)

On Ground: As Open Wounds Open Wings

Both of these paintings are available and prints are currently available for “As Open Wounds Open Wings” at + check out my blog and podcast. 

And the wonderful thing about falling apart is that it gives her the opportunity to stop and pick up all the missing pieces she already has within herself.

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Diving head first into some of my best paintings ever and the muse behind the pain+…Deanne Hastings. This is her story.

If you ever wanted to share one of my stories…this would be the one. Please check out the full blog post and please help bring closure to her story for her friends and family. This is the first time I have ever shared a lot of these stories and who Deanne was to me. The story is 10 years and the making and 4 years later than it should be. I’ve never had difficulty sharing my own stories, but I struggled tremendously to share hers for so many reasons…including having to accept that she’s gone.

Full story HERE

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And maybe things haven’t worked out for you so far…But just imagine how wonderful it’s going to be when they do.

It’s so easy to not become everything you are capable of being…But when have you ever taken the easy road?