Fresh paint straight off the easel. The days I finish a painting always feel like the most production days. Message me to claim your #MostlyForHer painting. These pieces are small, affordable, and ship easily. I offer flexible pricing, payment plans, and free shipping. I also do custom commissions and will find a way to make it work for you.

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I understand what it feels like to give everything until you’re exhausted…until there’s nothing left. It’s time to retire this brush.

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Braska tells me these canvases need another coat of gesso. This is why she is is the reigning and defending “Employee Of The Month!”

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Braska on her viewing station.

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from ‘Transdimensional beings’ series. 2015-2020

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Music by Synxron

Detail Shot: “Always Too Much (But Never Enough).” Original and prints available. Message me for inquiries.

Do you ever feel like you’re too much but not enough at the same time? I do.
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Featured: “Window To The Sol.” Acrylic on canvas. 32in x 20in. Original and prints available from Carini Arts. Braska has been a big help today and I need it because it has been a rough one.

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It’s not an excuse…It’s an opportunity. You need to see it when nobody else can see you.

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Variante de la tristesse (Variation of Sadness) by René Magritte, 1957. Oil on canvas, 50.2 × 60.3 cm.


“When Nobody Else Would Love Me (I Had To Learn To Love Myself).” Acrylic on canvas. 36in x 36in. Available. Message me.

This is a recent creation born out of necessity as a little (or massive) reminder to myself. Self love can be a difficult journey, but it is one of the most critical for growth and success. It’s always a work in progress and that journey never really ends. It’s a process of constant renewal, like the pumping of blood for a beating heart. That continued flow allows me to share mine with you.

If you look closely, this painting has some Easter eggs in it for you. I could tell you…but I think I would prefer to let you find them. Contact me for inquiries or commissions.

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