egypt-museum: Gold Pomegranate Vase


Gold Pomegranate Vase

A magnificent gold object, this vase was part of a votive offering dedicated to the cat goddess Bastet in her temple at Tell Basta (Bubastis).

The body of this vase is decorated with small, embossed beads shaped like pomegranates, which were among the fruits introduced into Egypt from the East at the beginning of the New Kingdom.

The neck of the vase is decorated with four registers, or sections, of floral motifs. These motifs include a frieze of lance-shaped leaves, a series of lotus flowers, bunches of grapes and small flowers, a row of stylized rosettes, and a garland of flowers. The handle is formed of a moving ring that passes through a bar fixed to the rim of the vase. The bar is decorated with a relief of a calf lying down.

Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty to 25th Dynasty, ca. 1070-664 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 39870; CG 53261