You’re lucky your high school offered La…

You’re lucky your high school offered Latin, I wish mine did. I was hoping to take Latin at my university; however, my university dropped the Latin courses the year I started attending it; so, I took French instead. How was learning Ancient Greek? Was it very difficult? I’m currently studying history but I’m concentrating in Public History, I hope to work in archives. But I will always have a passion for classical history since my love for history started with Rome.

Oh, it’s a shame you weren’t able to take Latin. I know a lot of universities have stopped offering it, unfortunately: one of my Latin teachers once had us write letters to a college to ask them not to cut their Classics department. It’s cool that you’re studying Public History, though. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few archives and talk to some of the archivists–working in an archive seems fascinating!

As for learning Ancient Greek, it was difficult, but very rewarding. I had an easier time with some of the grammar because I had taken Latin and was already familiar with certain concepts like declensions, but then it’s also easy to mix up things that are similar but not quite the same. And I picked up the Greek alphabet much more quickly than I thought I would (of course, one of my freshman roommates was learning Arabic at the same time, so just learning a slightly different alphabet seemed far less confusing than what she was doing!).